My Top 10 Favorite Wedding Moments from 2015

My 2015 wedding season was comprised of so many wonderful events jammed into a short span of time. In addition to the weddings I did on my own, I also assisted a few of my planner friends. In the midst of the season, Cal and I bought a house, we helped host our church's Vacation Bible School, went out of town a few times, and I helped open a restaurant. HOLY. COW. I am a little tired and very much looking forward to things slowing down for the holidays. (When I say "things slowing down" I really mean things will get even crazier during the holidays. Just a different brand of crazy.)

Reflecting on this season, there are many takeaways to make next year even better. Though I could write a list of "oopsies" I will save that for a later "mistakes-I've-made-as-a-wedding-planner" post. Instead, I wanted to share my top 10 favorite moments from the 2015 wedding season! Thank you to my brides, grooms, and their families for being so kind to me. I'm not perfect, and will never claim to be, but I do hope you saw me as helpful on your big day!

1. Sarah and Josh's First Look. Starting off, my brother in law didn't want to do a First Look, I explained the pros and cons of getting extra time with his photographer. Since their reception was a 30 minute drive from their ceremony, I knew picture time would be extremely limited. I drove Sarah to the meeting place, and it ended up being a sweet time for us to share before she went down to see him. I think everyone would agree their First Look was worth it. :)

2. Dani's bouquet toss! I'm sure you've seen her cousin's picture and story floating around on Facebook, but this bouquet toss received INTERNATIONAL attention. Read more on their story HERE. At the time, no one had any idea how many people would come to see this photo. It's waaayyy up in the millions.

she caught the bouquet

3. My mother saving the day. This could cover an entire blog series, but my mother was a LIFESAVER on multiple occasions. Once, my mother rebuilt 4 bouquets within minutes of portrait time. They had not survived the night and because of her talents, no one ever knew. (Thanks, ma!)

4. Lauren and Kyle's dance party reception! Still, to this day, I have NEVER seen as much dancing at a single event. Honestly, it did not surprise me one bit. Kyle is ENERGETIC and Lauren is so FUN...perfect combination. Of course, I have to thank my DJ pal, James, for keeping the energy alive!

5. Katie and Graham's rain day plan. I know it's hard to believe, but it rained harder on Katie and Graham's wedding day than it did during Joaquin. Torrential. Downpour. This was my first event actually having to use a rain plan. Without complaints and with smiling faces, Katie, Graham, and their families made their tented ceremony feel like it was the best experience anyone could have.

6. Eating french fries and milkshakes at the Chrysler Museum. When I assisted Julie of As You Wish Events, her couple's late night snack was the cutest little milkshake with a side of boardwalk fries. HELLO, PERFECTION. I wish I had a picture of this, but happy at the same time because it would make me hungry. YES to late night snacks! DUH, food had to end up on this list.

7. Overlooking the beautiful mountains of Virginia during Ashley and Matt's family farm wedding. The most GORGEOUS backdrop for any wedding I've ever been to. I mean, look at it...



8. Watching GingerSnaps Photography shoot Katie and Sean's portraits on the pier next to Lesner Inn. The sunlight (on what was supposed to be a rainy day!) was perfect. I am dying to see those pictures because I know they will blow me away!

9. Josh and Sarah asked me to sing in their wedding ceremony. A group of musicians from my church traveled all the way to Greensboro, NC to sing and play with me. I love a time of worship during a wedding and I was happy to be involved in that way.

10. Never feeling like I'm at work. Wedding days have passed by too quickly. Sure, it's hard and sometimes, I'm sore the next day, or worse. But getting to serve these couples and see the joy on their faces has been the greatest reward of all. I am always left wishing for more wedding magic.

11. BONUS FAVORITE: Getting to sit down at the end of the night! Haha!