New Year - Goal Check

It's 2015, y'all!!!!!!!!!! Wooooohoo! In 2012, I opened a time capsule I made in 4th grade. I thought it would be forever until that happened. I am amazed at each New Year that life passes so quickly. There are so many things I want to do this year. In November, I made this list of goals. They were general business goals, which is what I needed to get started.

Here are things I plan on doing in 2015:

  • Blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Piece of cake, right? HA! I was super proud of myself when I pre-blogged the last few posts. I'm going to stick with just 3 days because I know myself. If I turn into a blogging professional, I may bump it up to 5 days a week. And don't be thrown off if there are special Tuesday or Thursday posts.
  • BUSINESS-Y THINGS! I'm going to refine my bride info sheet, complete my contract, and make sure my legal and financial must-dos are taken care of. This is the toughest part for me. You know by now that I am not savvy in the business management side of things. SEEKING: A kind, charitable soul to do it all for me. Kidding. Sort of.
  • Attend another conference. Let's go ahead and skip past the Creative at Heart Conference THAT STARTS TOMORROW. I already want to go to another one! Conferences are opportunities to make connections, learn, and be encouraged by other lady bosses.
  • Educate myself. Read business-minded books.
  • Designate work hours. Big one for me. I usually blog at 11 pm. Not healthy. I was crafting at 1 am last weekend. Again, not healthy.
  • Coordinate at least 4 styled shoots. I have one scheduled for February, so I'm already almost there. Not saying I won't do more than 4...
  • Get some official branding from an official designer! I haven't done this yet because I am trying to spend the money on other things first. I know how important branding is, and I want to grab the attention of could-be clients. Branding is key.
  • CONTESTS!!!!! Who doesn't love free stuff? In case you don't have a clue, businesses hold contests and giveaways to get exposure. The more Instagram and Facebook followers one has, the bigger their reach. Result: more business. I love the thought of making someone's day in the process of finding new friends and potential clients. Perhaps a free makeover. Or a mini photo session with a photographer friend of mine. *I am currently researching other small businesses to partner with. Please email sterlingdawnevents(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like to chat.

I think that's a good start. My lists tend to go on and on, so I'm having to stop myself. Haha!

gratuitous Disney World photo. because, why not? ps- i left my phone on Test Track the day this was taken. FOUND IT! a miracle!

gratuitous Disney World photo. because, why not? ps- i left my phone on Test Track the day this was taken. FOUND IT! a miracle!