Top 10 Favorite Wedding Moments of 2016

I love looking back at the past year and making a list of my favorite things. For 2016, there were many more "favorite" moments, but to spare you from sitting her all day, I stopped at 10. Enjoy!

1. Haleigh's color palette. Seriously, I loved the red, grey, and white colors that made up her wedding day. It make the wintry day seem so cozy. And then there was her lipstick! Gah! What a beauty!

HeatherK Photos

HeatherK Photos

2. Elyse and Chris' First Look. There are so many moments from their wedding day that I could add to this list, like donuts, flowers, and dancing, but their perfect First Look will be one I'll remember forever.

Daytona Lamade

Daytona Lamade

3. Ally's getting ready portraits by Annamarie Akins. Ally was a princess on her wedding day and her getting ready photos were incredibly elegant. I love the Bride robe she wore. Pair that with perfect lighting and you have frame-worthy goodness.

4. Cassie's bouquet! How could this not make my list!? The Flowerman did the most incredible job designing it and Michael and Carina captured it so beautifully. I literally want to put a picture of this on every page of my website and hang a copy of my office wall.

5. Another from Cassie and Stephen's wedding is the dancing! Between their energetic band of friends and Cassie's large family, the dancing was INTENSE! A particular favorite moment was when Kung Fu Fighting came on...everyone was on the dance floor!

6. Kim and Matt's family style reception blew me away! Originally scheduled to be outside, under the starry sky, we had to execute our rain plan. The atrium at Norfolk Botanical Garden has never looked so beautiful. Blue Steeling Lighting came through to create a warm, intimate setting. Plus, their dinner by Supper Southern Morsels was TO DIE FOR!

7. Ashley's peonies. I mean, look at that bouquet. Morrison's included ALL the peonies and I was not sorry about it. I also loved the rad party these two threw, which, by the way, did not stop when the reception ended!

8. Taylor's wedding gown was truly one of a kind. I loved it so much because it was made just for her and fit her personality perfectly. A lace bodice, keyhole back, and sparkly belt came together from a couple of different dresses to be exactly what she wanted.

Jack Wolfe

Jack Wolfe

9. Shea and Adam's bridal party were the most loving, kind, generous people and I loved working with all of them. Not to mention, they were all incredibly good looking. (See below and tell me I'm wrong! lol!) Their insides were just as beautiful! And I guess I'd have to add the flowers to my list, too...but I'm a little biased.

10. This isn't a wedding, but I just HAD to add it to this list. Ending the year with the promise of the next was such a wonderful experience. Griffin and Courtney got engaged at a planned beach proposal during the last week of the year. Crystal Belcher and I were elated to be part of it and I wish the happy couple all the best!!

Thank you to all of my incredible couples of 2016! I count myself as the luckiest gal in the world to have worked with you all. If I thought people would stick around, this list would have included about 400 things. I wish you all the best in the new year!

2017, my new couples and I are coming for ya!!