2017 Wedding Season Preview

Wedding season is almost here! Today, I'm giving a little preview of my exciting year to come! 

It never fails, each year, I end up taking care of the best couples!!!! I cannot wait to introduce them all to you! For the first time, I have CHILDHOOD sweethearts. I have a couple of pilots, who will be incorporating that theme into their decor. There's the BRUNCH wedding that I've basically waited my entire life for. Haha! There's an estate wedding, winery weddings, a garden wedding, and even a wedding in an old post office. I get to do flowers, help create a very unique seating chart, and spend a hot July evening with a very cool band! 

I have so much for which I am so grateful. This season truly is a quality over quantity year. I turned away several events because they weren't a good fit or I had other previously scheduled enagements. As crazy as it sounds to turn away an opportunity to make more money, I want all of my couples to be the One. Being intentional with my bookings has allowed better balance in my life. I am able to give my family the attention they deserve. 

So, stay tuned to this season. You'll especially want to keep a lookout for my first one, coming up on April Fools Day! 

Photo: Daytona Lamade

Photo: Daytona Lamade