3 Reasons You Should HIRE a Wedding Planner

Today, I will explain why you should HIRE a wedding planner. (For the sake of saving my fingers from typing too many words, let's assume when I say "wedding planner" I also mean wedding coordinator. They are similar, yet different, but you need at least one of them.) Please understand that I am not downing anyone who had their aunt Martha be their mistress of ceremonies. Many successful weddings have been executed by a family friend. On the flip side, the wedding industry is and has been changing. More and more brides are hiring an entirely professional team of vendors. Why should it be any different with the one pulling them all together?

3 reasons you should hire a wedding planner:

  1. If your team of vendors are all professionals, they will expect a professional contact. Photographers appreciate being sent a timeline well in advance of the wedding day. The dj will thank your wedding planner for telling him how to pronounce the tricky names on your bridal party roster. Your caterer doesn't want to have to chase down you or your mom during the reception to ask if you're ready to cut the cake. If you are willing to invest in a pricey photographer, a top tier band, the best caterer in town, and maybe even a photo booth, why won't you treat yourself to a qualified professional planner?
  2. Your professional wedding planner has made investments. It takes a lot of education and research to keep up with an ever-changing industry. The wedding biz is no different. Find someone who knows the trends, the people, and the affordable must-haves to make your wedding as seamless and memorable as possible.
  3. Things will go wrong. Does the person in charge know how to keep a cool head and problem solve? If the cake doesn't show up, what will they do? If it rains, will you, the bride, be the one to communicate to the stream of guests that the ceremony site has been changed? If your photographer can't find that last family member for the family picture, who will hunt them down? Hire someone that will be prepared for the worst, just in case it happens. Hire someone that has more than likely had to deal with these situations before.

Basically, hiring a wedding planner will take a burden off your shoulders. Don't let the best day of your life be filled with headache and work. Most people will spend at least twice what I did on my wedding, and even I had a wedding planner. Do yourself a favor, reach out to one.

Hey, I know a great one here!

Daytona May Photography  And yes, I'll even set up and clear the chair for your garter toss. ;)  

Daytona May Photography
And yes, I'll even set up and clear the chair for your garter toss. ;)