5 Things | April 2015

April is almost over...I literally cannot believe it. 2015 has flown by SO QUICKLY! MAKE IT STOP! I do enjoy April because of my birthday, anniversary, and the BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS that bloom. Loooooveeeee!!!!!!! Here are 5 Things you might not know about me! Happy Wednesday!

  1. One of my favorite tv shows of all time is Boy Meets World. Naturally, I LOVE the newer Girl Meets World. It's perfectly corny, charming, and just short enough that I have time for it. I'm most excited for guests appearances by big brother, Eric.
  2. My day job, which I will talk about in an upcoming blog post (!!!) is AH-MAZING. I never, ever thought I'd go back to the food industry, but here I am. My inner foodie loved it when my boss sent me and three other gals to DC for a food expo. We ate ourselves silly, toured DC, and relaxed.
  3. I love taking pictures (which is different than being good at it!). Despite not having a professional camera, I make my little iPhone 6 work for me. Of course, I would NEVER trust myself to document important things, it's just something that I find interesting and fun. I like taking pictures of plants and buildings because they don't have opinions about the outcome of the photos. HA! ;)
  4. My first airplane trip was to Denver, Colorado. My dad was born in Wyoming, so we took a 2 week family trip out there to visit his grandmother and cousins when I was 8. I remember thinking flying was the coolest thing I had ever done. It's still my favorite way to travel.
  5. Favorite flower: Gerbera daisies.
Washington DC
Union Market DC