5 Things | December 2015 | Christmas Family Traditions

December is the month of giving, my favorite month and favorite thing to do. I LOVE giving presents. At this point, with only 11 days left til Christmas, Cal and I are waaaay behind. If we finish gift shopping without forgetting someone, it will be a Christmas miracle.

Christmas tree mantle

This month, I'd like to highlight some of my favorite Christmas memories/traditions.

  1. Christmas breakfast with my parents. This started the year after Cal and I got married. My mom makes pancakes and all the fixin's, we gab around the table, then open gifts around the tree. This will be the first year in my mom and dad's new house, so I'm sure there will be some minor adjustments, but there will still be breakfast!
  2. Christmas Eve at Cal's grandma's house. His extended family has had this tradition for decades. We gather with Cal's cousins, aunt and uncle, grandma, and each Chickfila nuggets, drink cider, and exchange gifts. It's usually a circus, because there are soooo many of us. It's my chance to get all loud and crazy!
  3. My mom's extended family Christmas party. As a child, this was a much more anticipated event than it is now. Not that it's not just as fun or meaningful, but it was THE DAY of the year for all us kids. We usually received pjs from Granny and Papa, played upstairs until we heard the call for presents, and ate ourselves silly. With 13 grandkids, it was a zoo....and the zoo has expanded, they'll have to put us on a reserve somewhere. ;)
  4. Ornament exchange. Cal's parents have given him an ornament every year since he was little. The Christmas before we got engaged, Cal's mom started to include me in this, so I have my own little collection that I've come to love so much. I love shopping throughout the year for the perfect ornament for each person. Confession: I usually buy them right after Christmas and save them til the following year....not ashamed of saving a few pennies.
  5. Our church's Drive Thru Living Nativity. This is a newer tradition, but one that has been so meaningful to me. Every December, our church comes together to tell the story of Jesus' birth, including real animals, fantastic scenes, caroling, and cookies! This event is open to the public and every year, we meet someone who needs a to be loved on. You still have 4 chances to see it! For more info, visit here.
2014 Christmas at Busch Gardens

2014 Christmas at Busch Gardens

Every family does something different and I would LOVE to hear your favorite family Christmas tradition. Feel free to share in the comments! :)