5 Things | February 2016

The end of the month is near! I couldn't let the last few days slip by without doing a 5 Things post. So, here are 5 fun [and dangerous] facts about yours truly.

  1. When I was 5, I ran through the sheets on the clothes line and busted my eye on a bicycle. I mostly remember that my mom wasn't home and my dad had to manage me, with the help of our neighbor. Four stitches, a ton of screaming at the hospital, and a lot of consoling from my parents, I survived.
  2. Sometime during my late years of elementary school, my mom left my brother and I in the car so she could run in the mall to return something. I was probably 9 or 10, making my brother 5 or 6. As siblings do, we fought. I probably called him a name. He grabbed the ol' ice scrapper and chucked it at me, which resulted in a busted lip. Mom came out of the mall to me practicing "first aid" on myself. Really, I was holding my Wendy's Frosty cup to my lip and trying to "keep my head above my heart"...yeah. Three stitches with that one.
  3. In fifth grade, I jumped up on the kitchen counter and BAM - hit my forehead on the edge of a cabinet door. You guessed it, stitches. Fortunately, we only lived about 5 minutes from Patient First. I was well-known around those parts.
  4. Growing up, I probably had strep throat at least 2 times per year. Finally, at age 19, my doctor decided it was time to take out my tonsils. ABOUT TIME, RIGHT? A week after my surgery, I woke up one morning, throwing up blood. My wounds hadn't healed properly and blood drained to my stomach while I slept. Emergency room trip. Sent home to "take it easy." Went back to the ER 2 days later and had to have my throat cauterized. One of the scariest moments of my life.
  5. Wisdom teeth. Who needs 'em? Apparently I didn't. Like any normal college sophomore, I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Except, like a lot of other procedures in my life, it didn't go according to plan. I was the first patient in this new office. As they were extracting my first tooth, the equipment broke. I woke up to a chiseling sound coming from my mouth. Long story short, I was taken to another office down the road, got put under again, and woke up a little while longer, without wisdom teeth.

Well, there you have. I've lived on the edge. It's a miracle I made it to 2016! ;) Happy weekend!