5 Things | January 2016

Happy New Year, right?! I'm still in denial that 2015 is gone. This year has had a rocky start, being sick with a gnarly cold and all, but it's looking brighter every day.

In the spirit of the new year and the unknown, I thought I'd share 5 things that have scared me half to death.

  1. Moving to New York City. One of the most terrifying days of my life was February 4, 2007. My dad and I headed north that morning, picked up my roommate near DC, and pulled up to our Brooklyn apartment around 7 that evening. It was freezing, I found a bug on the carpet, and someone had to stay with the truck at all times so we wouldn't get robbed. That sounds brave to me now, but at the time, I was just enamored with the thought of living in the big city. For the first time ever, I was moving far away from my family, my home state, and leaping into the busiest place in the world. 
  2. Getting married. WHOA! Talk about terrifying! Not that I didn't want to marry Cal, but marriage is scary. Moving in with someone and never not living with them again. At least with a roommate, you can part ways if it doesn't work out. But marriage, that's permanent. (ps - I like that we are stuck with each other. No one else I'd rather be with!)
  3. Skiing a black diamond slope. Okay, that was on accident, but I lived to tell the tale! I don't hate skiing, but being deathly afraid of heights, I don't really like it. It doesn't do anything for me. Will I ski again? Probably. Will I stick to the bunny slopes? You bet!
  4. Taking my first paid wedding. Okay, let's be honest. It's scary to be the business owner and start asking people to pay you. I did two weddings before this business was an actual thing. I remember receiving my first payment. I didn't know what to do with it. I stuffed it in an envelope and put it in my nightstand. Ha! That money would stay there until the wedding passed. My fear of not being able to live up to my promises was semi-crippling. Thank goodness I have gained confidence and know I will be able to offer my brides a strong advocate on wedding days.
  5. Starting this blog. Truthfully, I am a private person. It takes a lot for me to share personal things with my readers. It is difficult for me when people come up to me and say "I really enjoy reading your blog, especially about (insert topic here)." People I don't know that well are getting a glimpse of my life, which makes me feel exposed. Understanding that blogging is essential in the modern day creative business, I try to be as genuine as possible and write about things that matter to me. I never want to be fake. It's walking the fine line between sharing enough and sharing too much. 
Behind the scenes of of me at a wedding, before starting my business. Thinking deep thoughts!

Behind the scenes of of me at a wedding, before starting my business. Thinking deep thoughts!

How about you? What have you done that scared the living daylights out of you? Is there anything you want to do, but aren't because it terrifies you? Maybe it's time to get up, give it a try, and punch fear in the face!