5 Things | Home Edition | July 2015

In case you missed my post yesterday, Cal and I have bought our first home! It is the cutest, most delightful place and I could not be more excited about all the many years we have ahead of us. Of course, I'll be sharing photos and transformations as we get in there and get working, but for now, I just have this one.

our first home


In honor of this special time, I thought I'd dedicate this month's 5 Things post to the many different places I've called home. In comparison to most people, I feel my living arrangements have been pretty basic, but still, they are special to me.

  1. The first home I remember (we moved there when I was about 2) was the house I grew up in. We lived on a cul-de-sac, had an adorable fenced in yard, and lived close enough to a convenient store that my friends and I could walk to buy ice cream. My first memories, Sunday family lunches, my brother being born, where I used to pretend I was an Olympic figure skater, my cousin and I building forts...I love that place.
  2. When I was in 6th grade, my parents built a home waaaay across town. That house, which they just recently sold, was where I learned to drive, learned to babysit, learned about real life. I loved that house, and even though I moved away ages ago, I still consider it my "home."
  3. After college, I moved to New York City with one of my best friends from college, Mike. He and I both majored in performance, so moving to a big city was a natural progression in our line of work: acting. Our apartment was a two bedroom, basement shoebox. The bathroom was in the kitchen and we didn't have AC, BUT we did live just one block from a train stop. Our landlord had a crazy loud son, but he gave us candy whenever we paid rent. Some of my favorite memories are from that time, even if we did find bugs more often that I wanted.
  4. Cal and I got married and quickly moved off to Wake Forest, NC. We lived in a 2 bedroom townhouse that seemed to have been built in the 1700s. Our carpet was dingy, the toilet broke all the time, and the building creaked like it was haunted. Despite being creeped out or grossed out all the time, I would not trade our time in that little place for anything in the world. It gives perspective to my life now, something that is beneficial when you're trying to see how far you've come.
  5. My home for the past 3.5 years has been with Cal's parents. We moved in with them after moving home from seminary to save money, pay off our debt, and save for a house. By living with them, we have been able to reach certain goals we set for ourselves. It's not for everyone, but it worked just fine for us. I will say that I'm super excited to move from one bedroom to a whole house!
Mike and I on move in day. New York, 2007. It was 19 degrees outside.

Mike and I on move in day. New York, 2007. It was 19 degrees outside.

Cal and I had a celebratory lunch at Chickfila after closing. We're so fancy...

Cal and I had a celebratory lunch at Chickfila after closing. We're so fancy...

It's been a journey. Not everyone is able to buy a house right after college or immediately after getting married. Some people can, but don't. I'm glad that we decided to do things on our own timeline instead of worrying about what everyone said we should do. I know most people say things out of kindness, but I have always struggled with doing things because of what people think. So now, I'm looking forward to dodging their other friendly suggestions. You know the kind I mean...

It'll be a while, but there will be plenty of house updates here on my blog. I'm excited to share the before and after shots with you! :)