5 Things | March 2016

Spring, my 2nd favorite time of year. Fall is my favorite season. Summer is too hot. Winter is too cold. Why isn't Spring my favorite? Allergies. I cannot breathe...thank you trees.

It's hard to decide what to share each month. In the spirit of Spring, I wanted to share some of my favorite spring break and vacation memories! I was never one to go off to the beach with my college friends, that was always too far out of my budget, but I made due and had a lot of fun anyway!

  1. Disney World (2012). My sweet friends, Regan and Elyse, were planning a trip to Disney for their junior year spring break. Because I was older, and obviously more fun, they asked me to come along as a "chaperone." Hahaha! It was sort of a joke, but we went with it. We picked oranges, rode roller coasters, took food from the continental breakfast at our hotel so we'd have something for lunch in the parks (I'M NOT PROUD OF THIS BUT IT HAPPENED!), and did all kinds of Disney-y things. At the time, I had a Disney Annual Pass, so I just had to fly down and cover food because they already had their hotel room. I will always treasure that week.
  2. Disney World (1998). Okay, this is NOT a Disney-only list. I PROMISE! Because this spring break happened to fall on my BIRTHDAY, I had to include it. Birthday in Disney? SIGN ME UP! My parents, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousins did a caravan to Florida. They let us loose in Magic Kingdom one day with our own share of traveler's checks. (I am dating myself right now! Does anyone even use those anymore?) It was the time of my teenage life. I still have my collection of cheesy Disney postcards!
  3. Visits home from seminary. Cal went to seminary just north of Raleigh, NC, which is only about 3 hours away from Chesaepake. Still, there were MONTHS when we couldn't come home because of work or school and I was incredibly homesick. Occasionally, we would have 3 or 4 days off and made it a priority to come home to visit family and friends. Not so exciting, but when all you want is to hug your mom, it was the best in the whole world!
  4. NYC (December 2006). This is not a spring break trip, but one that left me colder than I've ever been in my life! My mom, aunt Eileen, and myself planned a long weekend to the Big Apple to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. I grew up thinking my babysitter was Mary Poppins and was infatuated with the music from birth. As soon as tickets went on sale, we snagged 3 and booked a hotel about 10 blocks north of midtown. This trip was 2 months before I was scheduled to move to New York, and it made me second guess my decision. Could I really stand to be that cold for so many months out of the year?
  5. Our honeymoon (2009). We got married in April, so our honeymoon could be considered a spring break trip. I will always treasure that week in the mountains. Cal loves the outdoors and we did so much hiking, mini golf, gem panning, and eating at local spots. We used some of the money we got in wedding cards, so we went a little overboard with our spending. Not going to lie, it was nice to have more than enough money on that trip...hasn't happened since! lol!
Our honeymoon, April 2009

Our honeymoon, April 2009