5 Things | November 2015 | Thanksgiving Edition

It has officially been a year of 5 Things posts. Not sure if you knew this, but it is especially difficult to talk about oneself. It's balancing the fine line between being informative and boring. My #1 goal with my blog is to be as real as possible. So instead of conjuring up a forced list of facts about me, I thought I'd take this month's post in a different direction.

5 things I'm thankful for this November

  1. Our home. It seemed like we would never get to where we are. Buying a house is like climbing a mountain. From the bottom, it seemed IMPOSSIBLE. We saved, lived on a budget, lived with Cal's parents, and went without for YEARS. Being debt free before purchasing a home was important to us. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful place to call ours.
  2. Our parents. My parents and Cal's parents have been so supportive of us through the years. They have stood next to us in every big decision we've made. I know it is a blessing to have parents like ours. They show us unconditional love. Both sets of parents are fantastic examples of Christ-centered marriages. My life and marriage would not be the same without them.
  3. My job. A lot of other small biz owners are excited for the day they will leave their full time job. Frankly, I get sad when I think about leaving mine. I don't have any plans to detach myself from Handsome Biscuit and Co, but if the day comes where my business uncontrollably explodes and I can't do both well, I will be in mourning. My bosses believe in me. Together, we are innovators. We are going places. If you don't know much about my day job, PLEASE ASK ME because it is the coolest!
  4. My church. I do not take for granted the amazing church I call home. There are very few things that will keep me from being there on a Sunday morning. I hate missing church. Hate. It. While I want to do destination weddings, I have been very selective in requests because it takes me away from my responsibilities at church. God has placed me there and with the church body, my life is enriched. I feel closer to God.
  5. My couples. This little business would not exist without them. They give me an opportunity to do something I love so much. [All the hearts.]

Well, that's a wrap. I'm off to spend the day eating with my family. I wish you the very best Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!

Daytona May Photo

Daytona May Photo