5 Things | First Year Goals | September 2015

I've had a lot of inquiries for 2016 (praise the Lord!!), and I'm finding most of the ladies that have contacted me are complete strangers. This is a new challenge as a business owner because not only do I need to provide a good service, but also earn their trust. All of my brides this year were friends, family of friends, or friends of friends. I have been so blessed by my 2015 brides. I know my 2016 brides will be equally as special and I can't wait to for our professional relationships to morph to friendships.

It has been one year since I made my business plan public. My one year anniversary is next month (WHAT!?) and I look forward to doing a fun giveaway to celebrate! My 5 Things post this month is a few fun facts about my first year in business. If you're new to my site and blog, you must know that I am ALL ABOUT mixing my business and personal life. It's important to me that my brides know who I am, what I believe, and how much fun I want to have with them.

sterling dawn events
  1. In September 2014, my photog friend, Daytona, took headshots for me. I was so nervous, even though I've spent my fair share of time in front of the camera. The worst part was picking out an outfit. I spent HOURS at the mall the day before (hello, procrastination!) and almost had a meltdown in The Loft. Haha! In the end, I found the perfect dress.
  2. One of my first year goals was to attend a conference and invest in my education. The Creative at Heart Conference was just recently announced and included speakers like Katelyn James, Natalie Frank, and Krista Jones. Out of respect for Cal, I didn't just buy a ticket without consulting him. We had a discussion about the costs involved, then agreed it would be good for me to go. Boy, am I ever so glad I did! Since January, my relationships with some of the women at C@H have grown into friendships. I find community in these women.
  3. I wanted to do 4 styled shoots in my first year. After doing Amanda Hedgepeth's workshop shoot in October, that will make #4! I'm proud of every one I've been involved in, and look forward to many more. I have met the most amazing vendors in the past year. A lot of them have taken a chance on me and I hope they haven't been disappointed. (Shoots are linked down below.)
  4. WEDDINGS! Can you believe my goal for the my first season was only 3 weddings?! Well, I surpassed that number and feel more confident today than I did a year ago. The hardest part about getting started was hearing the question, "How many weddings have you done?" While I don't agree with the notion that more of something makes one good at it, I can understand why brides would want to know.
  5. I did the legal stuff. BORING, I know, but this stuff is important and it makes me legit.

What a year! From the time I announced that I was starting up to the time I launched, I was pretty much consumed with work. I thought my life would get simpler and slow down once I got the ball rolling. SO NOT TRUE! Even though I spend a majority of my time crossing off checklists, I would not have it any other way.

If you've been on the fence about getting started on a new project, business, or personal goal, DO IT NOW! Do not wait. Do not let more time pass wishing you were following your dreams.