A New Adventure | Personal

I've wanted to write about my day job for some time now. Every time I start a new post, I stop. There was always this desire to keep my job separate from my wedding planning business. But then one day, my boss asked me to take on a new responsibility BECAUSE of my business.

If you asked about my long term plan 9 months ago, I would tell you that I wanted to grow my business so I could transition into full time, self employment. I didn't want to drive into the office every day. I didn't want a boss to answer to. I would make enough to survive by doing my own thing. I read blog upon blog upon blog about how to make it happen. A lot of my industry friends have been able to go full time with their businesses, and I think that's FANTASTIC! Some of them did it in less than a year, some a little more. Nine months ago, I was green with envy over these girls that didn't have to split their time between two jobs. But at that time, I wasn't happy with my working situation and wanted a way out.

But I'm about to start a new adventure...and it includes going to work AND running my business.

In case you don't know, which most of your probably don't because I don't talk about it that much on social media, but I work for a restaurant group in Norfolk. Our company includes good looking biscuits, fancy rice bowls, toasty eats, and waffles. My bosses are imaginative, daring, intelligent, hip...all the things you need to have to run a successful business. But more importantly, they are in tune with the people, their customers. I've learned a lot about entrepreneurship from them, and will continue to soak up anything they are willing to teach me.

For a few months, I've managed social media for our company. Also, I'm becoming the main point of contact for the catering side of our company. (That was a shameless plug for all you Hampton Roads wedding planners out there!) Both of those things are extremely complimentary to what I do for my own (still little) company.

But my latest adventure...

Something I NEVER thought I would do...

Restaurant Manager. Haha...you read that correctly! As of this week, in addition to my other roles, I am overseeing our newest restaurant adventure at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

"Okay, but HOW is this going to help with your business???"

Our new restaurant, Dear Dandelions, is also a wedding venue. We will, eventually, be catering weddings.

"But how will that affect your business?"

My first priority is to protect my business and my dreams; I will still be offering the same services to my brides. My bosses offered this job to me knowing I have a growing business of my own. And now I'm going to prove that I can do both, and do them well.

Ladies (and gents), whether your goal is to be self-employed, work for someone else, stay home with the kids, or do more than one of these things, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Gone are the days of work-9-to-5-for-someone-who-doesn't-respect-you-or-your-goals. WE HAVE CHOICES when it comes to our careers. I used to get so upset when I'd tell people, "I don't want to work 5 days a week," and they'd scoff at me. They'd say, "Yeah, everybody wants that!" Well ya know what? I'm making it happen. I've found a way around the system and I could not be more excited about it. I'm so blessed to have the chance to become whatever I want to be.

Maybe this announcement isn't everything you hoped it would be. Maybe you're a little concerned for me. Maybe you think I'm CRAZY for wanting TWO careers. And maybe my path will change again one day. But for now, I'm really excited about this new adventure!

Hahaha...Cal just said to me, "We're going on an adventure!" I should mention that I get to work with him (really, for him, he's my boss)...that only sweetens the deal! ;)