About Sterling | Guest Post: Kelsey Fernandez | Wedding Assistant

Hey everyone!

This is Kelsey, speaking! I'm sure some of you have seen my name sprinkled into Sterling's blog posts. I like to think of myself as Sterling's trusty assistant.  I wanted to write this blog to take some time to write about Sterling. I know she won’t brag on herself, so I want to do it for her.

I've known Sterling for about 5 or 6 years. We worked together at Ruth’s Chris, along with our husbands. Those good ‘ol nights at the host stand were always fun when I had Sterling there to save my sanity! It was always so worth it to make that trip into work when I knew Sterling’s bright and shiny face would be there with me. We become fast friends. I like to think of that as great minds think alike, so they have to be friends, right? We both parted from good ‘ol Ruth and did other things, but we still kept in touch from time to time. When Sterling started doing weddings, I would click through her Facebook and be in awe of the job she did. Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be a wedding planner, but never thought I would ever get the chance. My field of work for my day job is so far off from wedding planning! About a year and a half ago, I texted Sterling to see if she would ever need any help on wedding days. I didn’t really think she’d want my help since the only wedding I’ve ever planned was my own…. that counts right? Sterling being the gem that she is, graciously allowed me to tag along to a few weddings with her. That first wedding at The Women’s Club of Portsmouth, I saw Sterling in action. She whizzed around, making everything look so easy, AND she was pregnant! Come on people!


As everyone knows from blog posts or knowing Sterling and Cal personally, they did not have the easiest pregnancy. Every time I talked to Sterling or was texting with her, she was so full of faith and hope. I admire that so much about her. Even in dark times, she finds the sunshine and makes the world shine brightly. When June arrived, I saw a different side of Sterling. She has this glow about her, which I know most new moms have. Hers was different. She kept her faith and hope during her long journey and then was just so happy when she got to hold sweet baby June! If anyone follows Sterling on social media, which I’m assuming most of you do, since you’re reading this, you’ll notice the daily trials and tribulations that Sterling and her family face. I have never once seen Sterling with a frown. Not once. Most of us complain about the littlest things, myself included, but Sterling doesn’t. She still has that glow of hope, faith, and love. Let me tell you, it is infectious! Sterling makes me want to be a better person, in every aspect of life. She also puts everything into her business to make a wedding day so special for her brides. She has some pretty awesome brides and they all adore her! Being with Sterling on wedding days is always so much fun…because cake….and because seeing her work is magical!

Overall, I just wanted Sterling to know just how special she really is. This is my second season with her and I’m so grateful that she wanted me back! I know a lot of you know Sterling and how amazing she is! I just wanted to take some time to shed some light on the lady behind Sterling Dawn Events! :)

Cheers to a successful wedding season!