Happy Anniversary

I'm sitting here in my hotel in Kitty Hawk, NC! I feel like I'm on a 24 hour vacay! The Salt Air Workshop styled shoot with Amanda Hedgepeth is tomorrow and I am like a kid on Christmas Eve! (Or like grown me on Christmas Eve!)

As I drove over the Wright Memorial Bridge tonight, I teared up a little because this is one more piece of evidence that my dream is coming true. Two years ago, I coordinated my cousin's wedding. When Christabel told me she hired Amanda to take her pictures, I giggled to myself because Amanda was one of those photographers I had followed on social media for forever. I met her and instantly fell in love with her kindness and sincerity. She was one of the first people I went to when I decided to launch my business and she could not have been more supportive. I will forever be indebted to her for being a mentor and friend when I had no clue which steps to take first. 

To Christabel and Andrew, my first couple, happy anniversary. The two of you gave me something I didn't fully understand at the time. Even though your wedding day was far from perfect, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. I'd deal with the venue's strict rules, the no-show cake, the drama, all of it.  (It's like I got all of the kinks out on my first try! Ha!!) Seriously, thank you! 

Tomorrow is the biggest styled shoot I've done, and not just because my car is filled to the brim. It's big because there will be 15 photographers shooting the work of so many of my dearest industry friends. I cannot wait for you to see the total package. 

So, happy anniversary Christabel and Andrew. And happy anniversary to Amanda and me. Lastly, happy anniversary to the seed that started growing within me two years ago. I am beyond excited to see how far this crazy, beautiful, dramatic, fulfilling industry takes me.  



Amanda Hedgepeth Photography  

Amanda Hedgepeth Photography