About our feeding tube

A couple of people have asked some questions about June's NG tube. Before she had one, I had NO CLUE how they worked and found myself asking a million questions. So, to give a brief overview of the matter, I thought I'd share for those who are curious. Enjoy because I don't share about June's medical stuff very often. 


Why does June have a feeding tube? June does pretty much what June wants and homegirl was not consuming enough calories to stay hydrated. Dehydration is one of the most dangerous situations for a baby and we decided it would be safer and easier to guarantee getting liquids in her tummy. 

Does June still eat on her own? Yes! June takes some of her milk by bottle. If she feels like it, she'll drink about half of her dosage.

How long will June have her tube? Well, probably always. Or at least for the foreseeable future. We are doing therapy to increase her stamina as she eats. But she won't have the NG tube for much longer. One day, she will have surgery to have a G-tube placed. I hear from other parents and her nurses that it is an easier situation once the healing is done. Surgery is minimally invasive and should be a breeze. (But you can still pray for her safety!)

What goes in June's tube? Well, right now, she only takes formula through the NG tube. She eats soft baby foods by mouth and loves them. Once she gets the G-tube, she will be able to take puréed things, but the idea is to move her to eating solids by mouth.  

Why do I like it? Before the tube, I was spending half of my waking hours trying to feed her. I was slowly going insane and the tube gave me my life back. Not kidding. Ask my husband. 

What don't I like about it? It feels like the feedings go on forever. If she doesn't take any of her bottle, that just adds time to the drip. Also, taping the tube to her poor little cheek eats me up. Imagine a piece of tape on your skin for MONTHS. I can tell it irritates her sometimes. But no more tape once she has the G-tube. 

I hope this helps quell some of your questions, even if you were afraid to ask. I mean, I am pretty scary when it comes to people nosing around about my girl. Haha! I am thankful we have this option because without it, I am confident June would not be here.