Ashley + Dan | Meet the Couple

Ashley and Dan came to me through my photographer friend, Crystal Belcher. She and I first worked together on our Beatrix Potter Styled Shoot last year and I've been dying to do a wedding with her ever since.

I'm so happy to have met Dan and Ashley. From our first meeting, I knew these two had a lot of personality...and they made me laugh a lot during our consultation. Saturday is going to be such a wonderful day, filled with lots of navy and coral!

Their cute puppies!!!

Their cute puppies!!!

How did the two of you meet?

Daniel and I met through friends. We were set up on a semi-blind date. We had talked through text and on the phone before meeting in person. The two things that we laugh about remembering when we first met each other were that he was tall and that I had poofy hair. (In my defense, it was an extremely humid August day!!!)

What has been the best part about being engaged?
Ashley- Knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with the person that I can’t wait to see every day. The adventure of planning our wedding and learning new things about each other.
Daniel-  Knowing the love of my life can plan something she has been dreaming about since she was little.  Also making plans for the future is always fun.

Ashley, what do you like most about Dan?
Daniel allows me to be me. He has taught me so many things about life and our love.  He has a comforting side and wants me to be happy in life. He can be calm when I’m spastic and loves to be funny and laugh. He is also a book of knowledge. Before Daniel, I had never met anyone who knows as much as he does. And if he doesn’t know it, he researches and learns about it. He strives to be better than his best in all aspects of his life.

Dan, what do you like most about Ashley?
It would have to be the way she makes me feel and how she always wants the best for us. She strives for us to be a great couple.  

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?
Ashley- I can’t wait to walk down the aisle and see Daniel. I also can’t wait to see all of this hard work come together and to have a great time with family and friends.
Daniel- Party it up with friends and family and especially my wife.  

If you had to pick a word for your relationship, what would it be?
Ashley- Honest. Daniel and I have promised to be open and truthful with one another. We have and continue to practice open communication. We understand that we are each our own person and have learned to live and love each other’s kinks and quirks.

Daniel- Resilient. Our relationship can last through the ages.

Three dreams/goals for your marriage.
We want to have a happy marriage filled with laughs, smiles and a little bit of silliness. 
It may not always be easy but it can be fun.
Our goal is for everyday to be the best day.
We want to fulfill our dreams personally and as a couple.

Thanks for sharing a little bit about your relationship! Can't wait to see you become man and wife!!

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