Being June's Mom | 9 Month Update

I'm holding a sleeping June as I write this. She is snoring the cutest little snore ever. I look down at her sweet little face and can't believe how much I love her.  

The past month has been incredibly busy and somewhat difficult. Just two days after my last post, June went to see her GI doctor and we ended up staying 2 nights at CHKD, where they placed a NG tube. Long story short, June needs a little help getting enough calories for her to keep gaining weight. We don't really mind the tube and neither does she. I never thought I'd be playing nurse, but here I am, almost a feeding tube expert after just one month. 

Then, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, Cal and I had to call 911 when a scary situation popped up. We both stayed extremely calm, and honestly, the only thing I could think about as I talked to the dispatcher was "the neighbors will see the whole emergency parade pull up to our house." Haha! In all seriousness, I was mainly focused on June and prayed that she would be okay. I thought for a moment she would not make it to my very first Mother's Day. Fortunately, she was alright and I was only scared for a couple of minutes. After 2 more nights at CHKD, we came home and she has been peachy keen ever since. 

Aside from hospitals and doctors, June has been living the good life. She smiles constantly and gets waaaay too may snuggles. She is the definition of spoiled, but I am not bothered by it at all. She brightens our days and is the best baby.  

I am starting to think about her first birthday and her party, but then I find myself in denial and move onto something else. Time has whizzed by faster than I ever thought possible. We continue to pray for June and her future troubles, bit we are also learning to enjoy each and every moment. I will admit that I struggle to savor the tough days, but I remind myself that even bad days are better than the alternative we were given. She is my little sunshine and I could not imagine her being any cuter or sweeter, even when she's screaming like a banshee. ;)

I want to remind you to look around and be thankful for the things you have, not mourn the things you don't. I have spent a huge chunk of her life being sad about "what might have been" for our sweet girl, but I was robbing myself of her beauty. It was a disservice to my daughter to wish she were different. I'm not sure how I learned that lesson so quickly, but I'm glad I did!