Being June's Mom | 8 Month Update

June is EIGHT months old! Today's post is all about celebrating her and the cute things she does. She is seriously the yummiest baby I've ever known and she fills my life with so much joy.

Little June is talking (in her own way) a bunch! She sure does love to sing and ooooo and aahhh all the time. She is especially vocal when my dad puts on his loudest singing voice. Nobody gets her riled up like PopPop. 

June loves being held facing out so she can look around. She has the chunkiest little legs she uses to stand, with lots of help, of course. We have a Moby wrap that she has never really taken a liking to. (I have tried, trust me.) She does not tolerate being held where she can't look around. I've read all kinds of things about wrapping and carrying facing forward not being good for their little hips. I see people and celebrities forward carry a lot, but I wonder how safe it is. I would love to find a good forward facing way to carry her. Suggestions? Or is this a definite no-no?

Our angel LOVES to sit outside, ride in her stroller outside, swing on the hammock, nap on the hammock, and do pretty much any other activity outside. I really need to invest in some kind of netted tent we can use for napping and playtime.

She still only has two teeth, but I think some others will break through soon. The first two didn't seem to bother her that much, so I'm hoping the rest are just as easy. (Doubtful.) We have the baby Orajel on hand! 

We have been sleep training for the past week. Her neurologist, who also happens to be a sleep specialist at CHKD, recommended cry it out. This has never been something I wanted to do to any child of mine, but we trust him, so we are giving it a try. There are few things in my life that are more stressful than hearing my baby scream all night. After 6 days of this, we are seeing improvements. I don't know for sure that it will totally work, but if it helps Cal and I not to feel like zombies, I'm willing to stick with it for a while. 

Speaking of "things I never said I'd do"....there are SO many things. I could write for days on all of the things I'm doing now that I never would before. Some of these things are out of necessity, some are just plain unavoidable. I think this is the main thing I'm learning about being June's mom, that having a child requires a lot of flexibility on my part. 

Our dear friend, Caitlin Gerres, took some pictures several weeks ago to celebrate June turning 7 months. They were supposed to be 6 months, but the weather and our scheduled kept delaying us. I am SO happy we have them. Caitlin gave us the most beautiful session and captured our little angel perfectly. Here are some of my favorites!