Being June's Mom | ONE WHOLE YEAR

I barely know how to write these words. I mean, June is ONE. June is ONE. She is an entire year old. 365 days. She is HERE. My whole world is a year old. 

This might be your first time visiting my blog and reading about June. You might wonder exactly why I would write an entire post about my daughter when I should be focused mainly on wedding stuff. True, I am a wedding planner, but I have always felt it appropriate and necessary to share about my life and family. This was never more true during my pregnancy, especially when we found out there were complications. 

At our 19 week anatomy ultrasound, we found out we were having a GIRL! AMAZING! But not too long after the gender was revealed, we also learned there were some measurement issues. She was in a weird position, so they wanted us to come back in a few days for a second ultrasound. Two more ultrasounds, blood test, specialist, amniocentesis, and lots of doctors later, we were given grave news about our baby. At 32 weeks pregnant, they told us to expect her to pass before, during, or shortly after birth. Those 8 weeks and 4 days were the worst of my entire life. I basically sat on my couch and avoided as much human interaction as possible. 

Needless to say, she lived. She is here. We are celebrating her first birthday TODAY! If you have followed along for the journey, thank you. I cannot ever say how much your encouragement has meant to us. We are strengthened by everyone who has shown us love and grace and compassion in this season of our lives. 

Feel free to catch up with June's story HERE for my pregnancy posts and HERE for my monthly June posts. I'll warn you, some of these are quite wordy, so don't click over unless you have some time to spare.

June is the happiest princess. She has 8 teeth (maybe 9 or 10...any day now) and has almost bitten my finger off on more than one occassion. She loves baby food, but still doesn't take very much by bottle, so we have her feeding tube do that for her. She loves music and bright lights. She ABSOLUTELY LOVES being outside, like more than anything else in the world. Her dad is her favorite person, but mommy is a close second. She stares at her kitties whenever they walk by, but they don't give her very much attention, unless she's in the bathtub. She outgrew her infant tub, so we graduated to a little bath chair that looks like a beach lounger. It is so cute! June is trying her hardest to sit up, she loves to stand if we hold her, and she will roll around on the floor, that is, if we ever put her down. She has the prettiest voice I've ever heard and will sing along with her baby songs.

By now, typical children would be crawling, walking, babbling, or pulling up by now. I will admit, it is still a struggle for me to see other babies her age doing so well in their stage of life. Sometimes, I look at them and think about our sweet little June if she did not have the challenges she does. The June in a parallel universe would be EVERYWHERE like her mama was at her age. We'd probably have everything baby proofed by now. She would most likely be scaling the furniture and clawing at every piece of food on our plates. But I try not to dwell on the things she doesn't do. She doesn't have to do these things to impress me. She doesn't have to be typical for me to love her more than anything else on this planet. She certainly doesn't have to keep up with the other babies because she has already won the prize of my heart. 

To celebrate her precious life, here's a little walk down memory lane. Enjoy! And thank you for reading! Thank you for your continued prayers.

Happy FIRST birthday, little June!