Cake Tales

Confession time: I jinx wedding cakes.

Maybe I shouldn't put that out there, especially when I'm trying to do this for a living. Haha!

The story starts at my wedding. I had 3 cakes made for my wedding. The first one melted the day before my wedding. The second one melted the MORNING of my wedding. The third one started melting as soon as my reception started, but we managed to cut it before it got too bad. I remember getting ready to walk down the aisle, dad on my arm, and I saw my caterer icing my cake in the prep room. Come to find out, the kitchen was extremely humid, which had a negative effect on the desserts.

sterling cake

Another cake catastrophe was at a cousin's wedding. Her tiered cake, which was beautiful (and I'm sorry, I don't have a picture), was frozen in the middle. It also started leaning before it was cut. My mom and mom-in-law had reception duty. While the photographer was trying to capture a picture, mom had to keep sneaking in to give it extra support.

At Christabel and Andrew's wedding last year, the cake...uhh...never arrived. There was a prop cake with a real topper for them to cut. That one showed up. But the sheet cake for the guests got stuck in TERRIBLE traffic on I-64. Anyone who has ever been to Hampton Roads knows that the traffic is completely unpredictable. It fell on me to inform the wedding guests that there would be no cake for them to enjoy. That broke my heart, especially since the cake is my favorite part of a wedding, but more importantly, because Christabel had so meticulously prepared for this day. When a vendor doesn't deliver, or even when traffic is to blame, it puts a damper on things. Christabel handled the situation with grace and didn't let it stop her from celebrating. After the guests left, the cake arrived....let's just say the clean-up crew had their fair share. ;)

The last almost tragedy was at the wedding of Regan and Lucas. They opted for cupcakes! AMAZING! When the baker finished icing the cupcakes, my helpful self wanted to make sure the dessert plates were on the table. I walked up to the table, a stack of plates in hand, and the top few flew off....onto the icing. (crickets) I had really done it this time! The baker was so sweet, grabbed her icing bag, and fixed the ones I messed up. Disaster averted!

I'm sure we can find a lesson here. I've found that with every possible action taken to be prepared, the unexpected can still happen. The difference between an oops moment and a day-ruiner is the attitude of the people involved. People will show up late, cakes might not be exactly what they should be, but the person at the end of the aisle is waiting for you. Your guests will still be happy to celebrate with you. These moments will provide a better story for you to tell years down the road!