5 Ways My Cats Have Changed Me

I knew on day one that I was a sucker. These furballs had taken over as Supreme Leaders of the Myers' household. And I don't mind one bit.

cat sleeping

Have your animals taught you about yourself? Have they changed me? To say I'm the same would be a bald-faced lie.

  1. I am awake at all times. So never mind the fact that I'm a light sleeper. Add two crying, furry creatures to my sleeping environment, I'm in bad shape. YES, I TRIED LOCKING THEM OUT OF OUR ROOM and YES, I MOVED THEM TO THE ROOM FURTHEST FROM OURS, but they cry. And because I'm a light sleeper, I hear them, no matter what.
  2. Morning has gotten earlier than ever. This is an expansion of the first point. If I go to bed at 10 pm or 1 am, they are still awake at 6. Licking my face. My job doesn't exactly support my life goals of sleeping in, but still...even on my days off.
  3. I let cats lick my face. This is always something that semi-disgusted me. I'm not gonna lie, I love their kisses. In particular, Frasier loves to lick the bridge of my nose. CALL ME WEIRD, OKAY? You try getting a baby kitty and telling him no.
  4. Picking poop up is not a big deal. Ew. I've never been a fan of cleaning up after others, human or animal. Sometimes they don't always make it to the box, ya-know-what-I'm-sayinnnn. *Side note: I caught myself holding my hand under Niles' mouth the other day because I thought he was choking on a treat, knowing full well he might throw up in said hand.
  5. My heart grew like the Grinch's on Christmas morn. I love these little babies, even though they are little monsters 60% of the time.

So what have you learned about me today? I am totally whipped. For all you people shaking your head at me right now, YOUR KIDS AND PUPPIES OWN YOU! Admit it.

Life is much more fun with my little sidekicks. I've been forced to form habits (which I totally needed!!) to have more structure in the house. It's been challenging disciplining them, but Cal and I are getting better at enforcing the rules. And lastly, it's given our parents some grands to fawn over. lol

cats sleeping