Coordinating Success? Series | Part Two

Just recently, a bride asked "Do I need a wedding coordinator?" I immediately responded with, "YES, ANYONE, SOMEONE!" Okay, so I didn't say it exactly like that, but that's what I was thinking. If you are on the fence about hiring a professional wedding coordinator, let me help sway your decision. This next installment of the Coordinating Success? Series features Gemma and Susie. While they have very different weddings and experiences, they both have good takeaways when it comes to using a coordinator.

Gemma + Kenny
Gemma, my former college roommate, married Kenny in the heart of Richmond at Art Works. I remember seeing all kinds of art hanging throughout the building. Since Kenny is an artist, and Gemma an actor, I thought it was a very fitting scene for the two of them. :)

Did you hire a professional planner to help in all elements of planning? Partial planning? Or did you handle most/all of the planning yourself?
Gemma: "A fellow teacher & friend, volunteered her services as wedding planner/coordinator because she was in the start up phase of her own event planning company. It was so helpful to have her expertise as she already had established some vendor contacts and is a type-A, organized person! Kenny and I still did a lot of planning ourselves because we enjoyed it."

"[Having a coordinator took] the stress off of our shoulders for the big day was huge. Apparently our officiant was running late and I'm so glad I didn't have to even worry about any of that. It also felt really great having people on our team to make this day a celebration for our families and friends."

Did anything go wrong on your wedding day?
"We were one table short because we didn't have seating chart and people spread out and we ended up not having enough seats for people who came together. A table was quickly added, but didn't match. Oh well!

What would you tell a bride who is thinking of going without a weekend coordinator?
"I think it is truly helpful to have someone actually run the wedding and reception. I actually wouldn't feel comfortable not doing that. Then it rests on the couple's shoulders and you don't want to be worrying about anything other than enjoying this beautiful day and celebrating your marriage.

Susie + Jon
I remember when Susie asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, I was touched. She had just recently moved to VA and was planning a wedding while started a new life in a foreign state. Talk about a full plate! Susie and Jon were married in May of 2013 at Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton, VA.

Did you have a coordinator for your wedding weekend? And how was having a coordinator beneficial to your overall wedding experience?
Susie: "Jon's aunt was our coordinator for the weekend and she did a wonderful job. She was very organized and helpful. She helped set up the day before and the day of. My mind was everywhere and she was the one that made sure things happened when they were supposed to."

"Don't stress!...You just need to relax and have fun for your special day because you only get that day once!"

Susie and Jon's wedding cake arrived just in the nick of time and it started leaning as soon as the reception started. With a reception crew of helpful volunteers, the photographer was able to snap some quick shots before it was disassembled. I don't remember the guests even being aware of the situation, which is what having a good coordinator is all about!

I truly believe every wedding, no matter the size, location, time of year, etc. needs a coordinator. Things can and will go wrong. Having someone take charge and remedy the situation can be what preserves the positive wedding day memories!