Daytona May Photography | Coordinating Success? Series | Part Four

In this series, I've been sharing testimonies of former brides (both mine and not mine), but I also wanted to include insight from trusted wedding professionals since their perspective is different from that of the bride. I asked two of my very favorite wedding photographers to lend their advice and share their experience on why having a wedding coordinator is a good idea. Today, you'll get to hear from Daytona Lamade, of Daytona May Photography.

As a wedding photographer, why do you believe your couples should hire a wedding weekend coordinator?

A couple’s wedding is usually the first (and only) wedding where they are involved in the planning process. It’s pretty unrealistic to expect to know what a good timeline looks like, what a good timeline INCLUDES, etc etc. A professional has been to and planned multiple weddings, and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what makes a wedding day run smoothly. By investing in a coordinator, you are investing in your own peace of mind on what is supposed to be a joyful, stress-free weekend. You get the most out of all the money you invest in the actual day, more photos, more time to dance with your friends and family at the reception.

What is the most important thing a wedding coordinator can do for the photographer?

Communicate about the timeline (and involve us in the planning process if possible)! The timeline is the single most important piece of information on a wedding day, and we want to be involved in it’s planning, or at least be made aware of what it looks like with enough time to adequately plan around it. Small details like the order of the procession we have no problem finding out on the wedding day, but if we’re being allotted twenty minutes for all of the photos after the ceremony that is something we need to know and plan for BEFORE the wedding day.

Comparing the weddings you've shot, what are the main differences between weddings with a coordinator and weddings without?

I’ve had flowers not show up in time for photos before the ceremony, and I’ve had ceremonies start two hours later than planned.  The DIY spirit that is taking the industry by storm is a great thing when it comes to things like décor, but there are some roles on a wedding day that need to be filled by a professional. When a couple hires a coordinator, it shows because there is room for error on a wedding day. A hairstylist that gets stuck in traffic won’t upset the entire flow of the wedding day because a coordinator knows to allow for those sorts of set backs, and work the day to get everything on track by the ceremony. Extra time is MUCH more ideal than not enough. And your coordinator knows that. ;)

Also, know that the guests get VERY hungry and irritated when there isn't a coordinator to make sure cocktail hour doesn't turn into cocktail hours.


Thank you SO MUCH, Daytona! I so appreciate you being able to tell others why having a wedding coordinator should be a priority. Just like any other vendor, you shouldn't do your wedding day without one! :)

Check back tomorrow for a post from Amanda of Amanda Hedgepeth Photography!!!