Creating a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

After a quick trip to Target this morning, I was able to replenish and beef up my wedding day emergency kit. This weekend is the first of FIVE WEDDINGS IN A ROW! People, I am going to be one tired lady AND I CANNOT WAIT!

For my very first wedding, the church coordinator was not very fond of other people coming in to run the show. I tried to make her feel included with "Is there anything else you think I'm missing that you could recommend I do for tomorrow?" She responded with a snappy, "I bet you don't even have an emergency kit with band aids, scissors, or a needle and thread!" She was right! It never even crossed my mind! So I did the only logical thing: I called my mother. Being that she's coordinated umpteen weddings, she already had an emergency kit in the depths of her hall closet.

Since then, I've pieced together things I think every coordinator needs for a wedding day. If you don't have a coordinator, perhaps you'll benefit from this list!

Got this bag from Santa.

Got this bag from Santa.

  • Sewing kit. I kid you not, I've had a bridesmaid's zipper break and she had to be hand-stitched into her dress. Fortunately, I unintentionally brought matching thread. Now, I'll know ahead of time what color the bridesmaids are wearing and throw corresponding thread in my bag. And bring white and black. Those can help anything.
  • Scissors. Fabric scissors AND paper scissors. I guess having both isn't a HUGE deal, but I like to play it safe. Sometimes delicate fabrics need extra sharp scissors to prevent snagging. If you've got a loose thread, you'll want to make a clean cut.
  • Bobby pins and hair product. How many times have you gone to get your hair done and the wind takes it toll as soon as you walk outside? Eh? Just me? Well, having hair supplies will play that whole Murphy's Law game and prevent that from happening. Maybe not, but at least you'll be prepared when Bridesmaid Kelly needs an extra spray down.
  • Dress tape. Don't think I have to explain this one. And regular ol' scotch tape, for that matter.
  • Mints. It's a wedding. Kissing will ensue. Best to ensure the groom's breath is good.
  • Tylenol. Headaches are no fun. I'm NOT A DOCTOR SO I CANNOT PRESCRIBE ANYTHING, but in the event someone yells, "Anybody got any painkillers?" I can be there for them.
    *Like that disclaimer?
  • First aid equipment. And I'm just talking about band aids, alcohol pads, q-tips, tweezers, and small things. Don't bring the whole surgical inventory. If it's that bad, somebody needs to go to the hospital. Perhaps, also include a few lady products. ;)
  • Tide stick. When I was 8, I spilled a juice box down the front of my junior bridesmaid dress right before the wedding. Not that a Tide stick would have helped, it was satin, but it reminds me that accidents happen.
  • Deodorant. Nobody wants a stinky anybody. Best to have on hand just in case.
  • Straight pins. Did the florist remember to include these for boutonnieres?
  • Chalk. With the increasing popularity of chalk lettering, keep chalk on hand. If your bride (or you) has any type of chalkboard, it can always get bumped into/fall over/get rained's good to be able to say, "Don't worry, I got this!"
wedding day emergency kit
The travel section in Target is my best friend for stuff like this.

The travel section in Target is my best friend for stuff like this.

This is not a conclusive list. In fact, I'm sure I could take a note from some of you all. What are some of your favorite items to put in your emergency kit?