Dani & Andrew | Engaged Couple Feature

Time to introduce one of my adorable couples! Before I met Dani, I knew her sisters. Kenna is the oldest, I've known her for about 8 years. I met Haleigh last summer, she's the baby. All three of them are so different, but they also share the same great qualities: love for people, kindness, and BEAUTY, just to name a few. Dani's other half, Andrew, is kind, gentle, and looks at her like there has never been another human in existence. I feel all the lovey dovey feelings when I'm around them.

for more of their engagement shoot with Daytona May Photography,  visit here

for more of their engagement shoot with Daytona May Photography, visit here

I asked Dani and Andrew a few questions about their upcoming June 20th wedding!

1. How did the two of you meet?

We went to high-school together but Andrew was a year ahead of me and we weren’t close friends. I was on the girl’s varsity soccer team and he assistant coached with his Dad. Naturally I had a little crush but he went off to college and that was the end of that! When he graduated from college and moved back home, we both were attending Greenbrier Church. His mom kept mentioning how I should encourage Andrew to come to our young adults Bible study and so I did! I think she was up to something there ;)

2. What has been the best part about being engaged?

Dani: It’s a tough choice between planning for a life with my best friend, wearing the prettiest ring on my finger, picking out items like china, bedspreads or bulldog cookie jars to put on our registry….apartment shopping was fun…oh and the fun little decorating ideas that I get to figure out for the wedding day! But I guess the pure bliss that we are getting married is what makes engagement so special.

Andrew: Finally being able to make plans together for the future.

3. Dani, what do you like most about Andrew?

Andrew is the sweetest, most gentle and patient man I know. Andrew balances out my craziness. I think God knew what he was doing. I admire Andrew’s desire to look at the most complicated issues (like politics) and make sense out of them. He loves to learn and shares my dreams of adventure and traveling across the world. Plus, he is just super cute!

4. Andrew, what do you like most about Dani?

I love that Dani is kind and cares a lot for others.  She is fun and loves to explore, travel and learn new things.  She's also really hot! :) 

5. What are you most excited about for your wedding day?

Dani: I get to marry Andrew! I am sure I will spill something on my dress or trip going down the aisle but it’s going to be a blast celebrating with so many people we love. And personally, I find the walk down the aisle with my Dad and then being given to Andrew a very precious moment that I will cherish forever.

Andrew: I am most excited to marry Dani, obviously! I am excited to celebrate our wedding with our families and friends.

6. If you had to pick a word for your relationship, what would it be?


7. Three dreams/goals for your marriage.

-Travel everywhere and discover everything

-Have a family and grow old & awesome

-Honor our Savior with our marriage

Photo: Haleigh Cribb,  Hal Photography

Photo: Haleigh Cribb, Hal Photography

Thanks, Dani and Andrew for letting me show you off! Your goal of "have a family and grow old & awesome" made me giggle! I am thrilled and honored to play a part in your wedding weekend. We are going to have a blast!