Deciding Moments

You know that moment that makes you decide to do something? Well I had two specific moments that lead me to where I am now.

July 19, 2014: It was wedding day for my dear friends, Regan and Lucas. We had a great rehearsal the night before, and all day to prepare for the 6 pm ceremony. The wedding went so well, I was on cloud nine. We were cleaning up after the reception. It was late and everyone was exhausted. The photographer, Daytona, who I accidentally called Dakota before I met her, came and found me. (Daytona, I don't think I ever told you this! Ha!) She asked about my involvement in the day, and if I had thought about making a career out of weddings. Hmmm...umm, yes, I had. I told her that I was scared and unsure. She encouraged me, told me we should talk soon, and got back in her VW Van to drive away.

After that night, Daytona and I chatted via Facebook, texting, and eventually, in person. Then we started planning our styled shoot. Then I launched my page. Now I'm here. That girl helped me get here. I so thankful for her.

September 30, 2014: Once a month, my job requires the entire staff to meet for a training day. We talk about goals of the company, celebrate victories, and learn new stuff. This particular training, we were asked to bring Dream Boards. A Dream Board is something that points you to the future. It gives you a visual of your goals.

Part of my current job includes teaching classes on creating a career plan. Since early 2013, I've been around students that are chasing their dreams. I've told them to GO AFTER whatever it is they want to do after school. Being a cheerleader for others really helps put things into perspective. What was it that I wanted to do?

I decided to include a home, financial growth, my church, my family, and my new business. I also decided to make it look like a bouquet...fitting. Sharing my Dream Board with 30 other people was so scary, but it forced me to think. 

Pardon the iPhone photos.

Pardon the iPhone photos.

So there you have it. Two very different moments, but the same wonderful, exciting result. Of course, there are other moments that have brought clarity, and other people. Those are equally as important.

PS- Yes, that is a pig. One of my dreams. :)