Final Celebration of 2015

2015, you were a year to remember! I am SO THANKFUL for everything I experienced and everyone I met in the past 12 months. What a whirlwind! To say dreams came true this year would be an understatement. 2016 will be even more amazing - I cannot wait to share the all the exciting things!

Last January, almost one year ago, I attended the inaugural Creative at Heart Conference in Stauton, VA. That was just the jump start my business needed. The friends I made at C@H have made such an impact on my life and business.

creative at heart conference

Some of my favorite moments this year happened at weddings. Not only was I privileged to coordinate several weddings of my own, but I also got to shadow some of the best in the biz. Before 2015, my total wedding count was 2. TWO WEDDINGS before launching my business. At the end of this season, I can now say I've been involved in almost 20 weddings. Big difference. Not all of them were my own, but the time I spent shadowing Brandi and Julie of As You Wish Events was incredibly valuable to me as a business owner. (If you gals see this, thank you!!)

At the end of my wedding season, I shared My Top 10 Favorite Wedding Moments, which you can read here. My couples and their families made this season a success. I got to work with the BEST people out there and would not change a thing.

Three of my styled shoots were featured (here, here, and here)...that's something I never expected coming into 2015. There is one more on the way, but I can't share the details just yet. All you need to know is that I will be crying when it hits. :) It'll look something like this...

Personally, my life changed a lot. Cal and I bought our first home. We adopted 2 kittens. They have become rulers of the house. I have learned how to say no to things. My tendency is to volunteer for everything because I don't want to let people down. I stopped letting guilt trips and that nagging twinge inside rule my life. Honestly, I feel a lot better. I'm able to sleep and I am not constantly stressing out about forgetting things. I'm certain some of that will change when wedding season starts back up again, but for now, life is good.

Also, I started the rebranding process with PaperDolls Design!!! April sent the final files to me a few days ago and I can't wait to share them with you! I even had new headshots taken by my industry buddy, Echard Wheeler. This was the cherry on top to my already sweet year. I've wanted to work with Echard for a while, so I just hired him myself. Haha!

One of my goals for this coming year was to focus on my time management skills. Since I was supposed to post this yesterday, I'm not off to the best start. Oh well. There are 365 more days to improve! (This is a leap year, right?)

Happy 2016 to you and yours! I can't promise my life will get any more interesting, but I do vow to show you more things that will excited, educate, and entertain for the next 12 months!