Find Joy in Your Season

About a year ago, I literally had the thought, "Life is so good right now!" We were pregnant, we had a cute house, Cal and I were so happy with our jobs, our cats were SO adorable, etc. I had no complaints. Things quickly changed. We got bad news about our baby. My enthusiasm turned into fear. Life wasn't so great after all. 

I look back at myself and regret giving into so much sorrow during my pregnancy. I did not enjoy my pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED being pregnant, but I let the bad news of our circumstances take over and rob me of my joy. It is my biggest regret of my life up to this point. I'll never get that back.

So, where are you? Are you currently in a situation that is so blinding and prevents you from enjoying the life you have? One of my previous jobs taught the philosophy of a 10% shift. Maybe you can't change what's happening around you. Maybe it really IS horrible. Change your mindset. Make a 10% shift in a positive direction. No matter what terrible ordeal you are experiencing, there is something to be grateful for. 

You are ALIVE! Find joy in that. More likely than not, you are able to contribute something good toward society. Find joy in that. You can lend a hand to someone in need. Find joy in that. You can let others lend a hand to you! Find joy in that. Every day may seem more difficult than the one before, but find joy in the hope that every step you take in the right direction can dig you out of that hole you're in. I'm not preaching from the "It Could Be Worse Bible" because sometimes, it can't be worse. I've been there. But don't steal every ounce of beauty out of the ONE LIFE you have to live.

My life right now is pretty stinkin good. My husband loves me and is with me in the trenches of parenthood every single day. My cats are still adorable. Our daughter is the sweetest little person who will always need mommy. Can't complain!!! 

Maybe you needed this today. I need to hear it every day. My situation isn't any easier than it was a year ago, but I MUST look for the positive. Make a choice. Decide to change your mind and heart. If you need some encouragement, feel free to email me! xoxo