Gratitude in Giving

This started off as another post. It had to do with wedding prep. I was having a bit of writer's block and decided to wrap some Christmas presents. Then I got to thinking about gift giving. Then I thought about how ungrateful I can be. That ever happen to you? Conviction?

This time of year is my absolute favorite! HANDS DOWN, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! LOVE! And I loooooove receiving presents. People have given me gifts that straight up moved me to tears. For example, last year, my mom and dad gave me a Better Life Bag. I'm in love with this company, and truly believe they are doing mighty work for the gospel, but purchasing one of their bags for myself was not in my budget. When I opened the box and saw my beautifully hand-crafted purse, I burst into tears. My parents gave me that bag as a way to show me they loved me.

How many times have you purchased a gift for someone just check it off your list? You don't really know them, or they aren't in your budget, but you know they will probably give you want to be fair. I get it. I've given gifts because of guilt. I've even fallen victim to spending a certain dollar amount because I don't think my $5 gift will be good enough in their eyes. What a horrible motivation for giving!

This year, my goal is to allow both the recipient and myself to be blessed by the gift I choose. I've handmade several gifts and they are among my favorite things I've ever wrapped. It isn't the price that is important. I would be so sad if someone gave me a gift they really couldn't afford because they felt pressured. In fact, I hope that I can give a gift to someone this year without receiving one in return.

I know this post isn't anything new or profound, but I wish I had learned this simple lesson earlier in my life.