September House Update | Personal

September! We are getting closer and closer to my favorite time of year (FALL!) and I cannot believe we have been in our home for almost two months. In some ways, it feels like we just moved in last week, but I also feel like I've been here forever. This house already feels like home and I could not be happier with our decision to purchase it.

I am finally starting to feel comfortable showing you some before and after shots. Not every room in the house is ready to make a public appearance, but I have some projects that are coming along nicely!

In July, I showed you this transformation...

mantle paint job

And now that I've had time to hit up TJ Maxx...

mantle decoration

The mantle took MANY coats of white paint...MANY. That red wasn't going down without a fight! The mirror on the mantle belonged to my aunt, then my mom, then my uncle (who painted it white), and now it's new home is my home. My brother sanded it down and I took it outside with a can of brushed nickle spray paint. I used that same paint to change the look of the screen. I thought the black slate of the fireplace and the black screen made the room look too dark. I still need to do another coat, but wanted to give you the full picture. My end goal is to cover the black slate with glass tile, which will also help to brighten up the space.

Finally, I want to share MY CLOSET! It's not finished, but I just HAD to show off that fancy chandelier. Also, please forgive these iPhone pictures...I never claim to be a photographer! ;)

The before...

We had to paint and put down baseboards

We had to paint and put down baseboards

Ta-daa! Not shown is the pink chevron rug I picked up at Target. You can find this chandelier HERE. It also comes in other colors...might have to get another one for my guest room. (Kidding, Cal!) *Side note: I HIGHLY recommend the GE Reveal bulbs.

pink chandelier in closet

I decided to stick with greys, light green, and teal throughout the house. Our main paint color (seen in the mantle picture above) was too dark for our master bath, so I made my own. I call it "Sterling Grey"'s a thing now. I thought you should see the original color of our master bath. Peach. A very strong peach. It took two-ish coats of grey to cover it up. I would like to never paint another bathroom again. Ever.

bathroom painting

If you follow Katelyn James at all, you know the striped wall in her foyer. The first time she posted about that wall, I knew I would have one. It's SO CUTE! Stripes are very much in style right now. Because we have some high ceilings and lots of angles in our main living area, I decided to put stripes in our guest room. Can't wait to get that guest bed so I can host some guests!

I took this picture right after finishing this 1:30 am.

I took this picture right after finishing this 1:30 am.

Our front porch is quite possibly my favorite part of our house. When we did the initial tour, I knew I wanted the house as soon as I saw the porch. Thanks to our moms and a very special family member, I have this cute sitting area. Can't wait to enjoy some breezy autumn nights on this porch! We are on the lookout for cute wall hangings! :)

front porch

In our poking around the attic, we discovered the front porch and garage extension were additions made to the original floor plan. How do we know this? There is a roof under our roof. They laid the new roof directly on top of the old one when they extended the front of the house. I've never seen anything like it. Then again, I don't spend a lot of time sticking my head in attics.

I'm excited to share more and more of our first home as things progress. Our master bedroom is ADORABLE, but I'm waiting to show you until I get some furniture painted. Home projects, while fun, are so time consuming. It's difficult to find the spare time, but thankfully, I have some great help!