How to Exist in the Wedding Industry When You're Not One of the Cool Kids

Let's get this out in the open: I'm not actually worried about being cool. That is probably apparent by my love of Oliver Wood and Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, and my complete disdain for neighborhood fireworks. However, the wedding industry is a tough place to exist, especially if you aren't really in the in-crowd. Instead of writing all about the cool people, I'm going to share how to BE YOURSELF and still gain momentum and clients!!

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  1. Go to networking events. If you end up getting there and no one talks to you, talk to them. Introduce yourself. Tell them your name, your biz name, and what you do. When I first started my company, I basically knew like .05% of the wedding vendors in the area. While I can't say I'm on a first name basis with them all, I am confident I have bumped into most of them at some point in the last 3 years. Put yourself out there and make friends. 
  2. Build your own circle, but be willing to accept new members! If you feel there are some closed groups of vendors and you desperately want that community, find your own people who will cheer for you and be straight with you. I honestly don't believe "they" want to shut you out, but simply, they found their people. Yours are out there, too. 
  3. Don't try to be anyone but yourself. Your clients will see through Fake. I aim to be 100% authentic with my brides. I don't pretend to have skills I don't, I absoutely will not lie about my experience, and I will outright decline a wedding I can't handle.
  4. ABSOLUTELY, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you talk about people behind their backs. I will admit that I am guilty of this at certain times in my life. It is wrong and most of the time, it came out of jealousy. Don't be that person. Gossip is a serpent that will come back around and swallow your business whole. 
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Hopefully, these things will remind you that YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! It's easy to look at others, wishing and hoping you could be one of them. Don't forget, everyone had to start somewhere, and that includes finding their tribe! 

Photos courtesy of Angie McPherson Photography