How to Select Your Wedding Flowers | Guest Post: Courtney Inghram Events

Today, you have the special treat of hearing from my friend Courtney of Courtney Inghram Events. She specializes in floral design and every ounce of her work is filled with so much joy and creativity. Read on to hear her advice on selecting your wedding flowers!

Selecting specific flowers for your wedding arrangements can be a difficult choice. Depending on the season you are getting married in, the amount of flower options can be overwhelming, and most brides don’t have a vast knowledge of all the different options they have available to them! It’s important to remember that the availability, varieties, and colors of flowers are primarily dictated by Mother Nature, but your wedding florist will be able to educate you on which varieties are typically most consistent. Here are a few suggestions to get you started in choosing the types of flowers you would like for your wedding!

1. Select Flowers That Have a Sentimental Meaning
One idea to help you select particular flowers would be to choose a sentimental bloom that reminds you of someone special, or honor someone who may not be present on your wedding day with a pin or broach on your wedding bouquet! Selecting a flower that has a deeper meaning can create such a special moment on your wedding day, and it’s a unique way to add some value and meaning to your wedding flowers. If there is a scent of a certain type of flower that reminds you of someone special, make sure to talk to your florist about incorporating it into your wedding bouquet!

2. Select a Few “Must-Have” Flowers and Splurge
Another way to select your wedding flowers is to choose a few “must-have” flowers, and then have your wedding florist suggest some other ideas to supplement yours! Frequently, brides come to me and don’t know what season peonies or magnolias are in bloom, and they end up getting their heart set on peony bouquets for all 12 bridesmaids in September (almost impossible and very expensive). Instead, just using peonies for a small portion of a bridal bouquet will make that more special for the bride and allow for some additional room in the flower budget. For example, I was married in Virginia at the end of June, so peonies are almost out of season; I splurged on having them in my bouquet, and then ended up doing something smaller for the bridesmaids! Talking with your florist will definitely help you decide where you can splurge on your “must-have” flowers!

3. Select Seasonal/Local Blooms
Selecting flowers in season is always something I recommend to my brides - the quality of seasonal blooms is always so much better than an out-of-season flower, and they are almost always more price-friendly! Using local blooms is also amazing, because the quality is incredible, they are much more readily available, and here in Virginia, we have lots of great options, depending on seasons! However, if you choose to primarily select your flowers in this way, it’s important to know which flowers will be in season on your wedding date. If you live for spring flowers like sweet peas and peonies, plan your wedding for May, not November.

Using some of the ideas I shared will definitely help you select the perfect flowers for your wedding day! Choosing your wedding flowers and planning that part of your wedding is supposed to be FUN - so enjoy this time!

Thank you SO MUCH, Courtney! You are so adorable and talented! I love getting "meat and potatoes" advice from other vendors. Flowers are such an important element in any wedding day. No matter your budget or theme, you can make the most of your floral design by working with a talented florist like Courtney. Check her out on Facebook or Instagram to see some of her latest work!