The Importance of a Wedding Day Timeline | Guest Post: Just Dandy Events

Ah, the wedding day timeline. It is every wedding vendor's dream to have a well-contructed and thoughtful plan for the day. I'm excited to feature my dear friend Holly of Just Dandy Events! She's been planning weddings for many years and has seen the good, bad, and the ugly, so I thought I'd ask her to share her favorite wedding tip!

Check her out here! And if you're in wedding planning mode, heed her words!

I’ve met with so many couples who’ve told me in the beginning stages of planning that they won’t be needing a day-of timeline.  “We’re really laid back”, “We like to wing it”, and “We don’t want to feel rushed” are some of the reasons they’ve given me.  As their wedding planner, it’s my job to explain to them why those are all the perfect reasons they NEED to have a timeline for their big day.

Timelines allot the right amount of time for each aspect of your day, making sure that there’s no rushing to fit everything in.  Without a timeline, important things like the bouquet & garter toss can be forgotten.  Then you’re left to squish them in at the last minute, when some of your most important guests may have already headed home.

As much as you’ll depend on our timeline to keep your day on track, your vendors will depend on it even more so.  A wedding is full of so many moving parts...sometimes dozens of vendors are working together to bring your vision to life.  It’s so important that they each know what the order of events will be for the day so that they know when they have to be ready.  Your caterer will want to make sure that your dinner is served on time.  Your photographer will want to be ready by the cake table when it’s time for toasts and cake cutting. And your driver for the night will want to have your vintage car ready in time for your grand exit.

Now that you know why the timeline is important and necessary for your wedding day, how do you build one?  It can seem like a really overwhelming thing to tackle.  Your wedding planner will be a huge help when you’re putting it together, but here are a few tips for constructing the perfect timeline for your day:

  • Build it around the non-negotiables.  If sunset portraits are of the utmost importance to you, build the timeline around when you and your new husband will be outside catching that perfect light with your photographer.  If it is imperative that your great-grandmother be present for the cutting of the cake and you know she won’t stay past 8pm, take that into consideration when mapping out the order of events.

  • Include your vendors in the building of the timeline.  You hired each of them because of their ability to perform their craft so well.  Let them educate you on what they do and how much time they need to do it.

  • Set aside a little quiet time for you and your new husband!  Whether it’s immediately following the ceremony or during sunset, set aside just 5-10 minutes for the two of you to catch your breathe, sip some champagne, and give each other all the goofy grins because YOU’RE MARRIED!!

Holly, thank you SO MUCH for this! From one wedding planner to another, you have won my heart with this post!!

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