Meet the Couple: Jennifer & Chad

There are some people you meet in life you never want to forget. Jennifer is one of those people. She came to me through falling in love with this stunning wedding and immediately, I felt like we have been friends for a long time. She is bubbly, sweet, and is an big time encourager. She and Chad's wedding at Williamsburg Winery is going to be meaningful, Christ-centered, and will celebrate the start of their new (and highly anticiapated!) life together!

They have quite the love story. Young love, a time apart, sweet reunion. I'll let them share in their own words...

How did the two of you meet?
Jennifer: Oh, the history we have! 7th grade is where it all began. He stared at me in Mr. Door’s civics class. I was intrigued by his humor and sincerity, even as a teenager.
Chad: I don’t remember the first time we met exactly. It was sometime during 7th grade. I fell pretty quick and hard. It took her quite a bit longer. I did everything I could to have some type of interaction with her during the day. I would like to think my hard work and persistence paid off.  

What has been the best part about being engaged?
Jennifer: The comfort of knowing Chad will forever be by my side.
Chad: One of my favorite parts of being engaged has been when Jennifer and I dream about what our life is going to be like in the future or things we hope to accomplish as a couple.

What is your favorite quality about one another?
Jennifer: Chad is an undercover sweetheart, and I love that about him. I say undercover because he has never been the type of guy full of grand gestures or large expressions of love. However, he expresses his love for people in such a sweet way. He’s going to be such a good dad.
Chad:  My favorite quality about Jennifer is her heart. She has the most beautiful, loving and thoughtful heart of anyone that I have ever met.

What are you most excited for on your wedding day?
Jennifer: I am most excited for the ceremony! I cannot wait to see Chad’s sweet face as I walk down the aisle, with my parents on either side of me. I cannot wait to hear the beautiful music and to feel the love from everyone in the room. I look forward to sharing communion with Chad, my family, and friends. And, I cannot wait to say vows to Chad and become his forever person.
Chad:  I am really looking forward to the moment where we can look one another in the eye and say, “We did it!"

If you had to pick a word for your relationship, what would it be?
Jennifer: Optimism. When Chad and I tackle the world together, we have been able to see the good in humans, situations, and each other. We lean on each other for comfort, empathy, and support during moments of joy and sadness. Having one another as a constant cheerleader and partner, I know the future will be bright.
Chad: Team. I feel like Jennifer and I are meant for one another. I feel like we bring out the best in each other, we push one another and we have a great time through it all. 

Three dreams/goals for your marriage?

1.     To cherish our time together and focus on the positives in life and one another.

2.     To grow together, while embracing the other’s individual journey.

3.     To embark on an adventure together that serves others. I’m not sure what this will look like – potentially medical missions, volunteering together, or even opening a non-profit one day.


I want to continue to fall in love with her a little more each day. I want to be her very best friend for the rest of her life. I want Jennifer and I to make a positive impact on the people and world around us. 

I love this one from waaaay back!

I love this one from waaaay back!

Jennifer and Chad, I am SO EXCITED for the two of you! Thank you for letting me be part of your special day! It is going to ROCK!!!!