Being June's Mom | One Month Update

I cannot believe a month is gone already. My baby girl is ONE MONTH old. Let me start by saying that being her mom has been the second best thing I've ever done. Being Cal's wife is the first. (These are secondary first and second...being a follower of Christ is the ultimate best thing!)

I have learned more about myself in the last month than I have my entire life. I'm selfish, I have time management problems, and I definitely love to come and go as I please. But all that had to stop when she came home with us. And I love that she's changing me.

Cal and I are so thankful for the love and prayers we've received during this new stage of our life together. When June was born, I explained her making it was a miracle. And it was. However, I need you to understand that June's normal is not the same as every other baby's normal. There are things she'll never do, milestones she'll never see. But what we've already determined in these 4 short weeks is that June's abilities are something to celebrate. We can never look at her with disappointment when she doesn't keep up with the other babies. Instead, we can look at her with joy and pride when she eats like a champ, stares at Cal lovingly, and tries so hard to hold up her head to see what's going on around her. I appreciate you supporting us in this. She is beautifully created in God's image and is perfect for our little family.

I tell June every single day that I'm proud of her. I tell her about a hundred times a day how much I love her. She will never go a day without hearing how beautiful she is and that she is mommy and daddy's hero. Even though she'll face challenges, she is still my #1 star.

They seem to understand that she's not going anywhere. If laying on a person means they are fond of them, then I guess they really like June. Niles tries to lay on her ALL THE TIME. I am constantly telling him "gentle" (like he understands. lol!) and make him lay next to her. Frasier comes running whenever she makes noise. I can't tell if that's because he cares about her, or if he's merely interested. All in all, the merger has gone fairly smoothly.

My Health
My recovery seemed easy. Though, I've never had a baby or a c-section before, so I can't tell you if that is accurate. Once my doc clears me, I'm very much looking forward to doing crunches/sit ups/anything ab-inducing. They will come back to me!

Generally, I have always been a sleep-deprived person. Yes, I am tired nowadays, but I can't say it's a big difference to life before June. One thing I notice is that I fall asleep faster and I sleep more soundly. Also, I am thankful for Cal and my mom making me take naps on days they are around. I didn't take many naps while I was pregnant, but I'm certainly enjoying them now!

Social Media
I've always thought if I had a child, I would be extremely selective on the photos I posted on social media. Every mom is different and their choices are their choices, so no judgement here. However, I think of the internet and how dark and twisty (hello, Grey's reference) it can be - I didn't want my child overly exposed to that. I have even asked our visiting family and friends to refrain from sharing pictures of her online. All that being said, I will try to share at least one photo here and there because I am proud of her and want to share her with those who have prayed so diligently.

Our friend Janie came to our house and did a quick newborn session when she was about 2 weeks old. So far, I have a few sneak peeks, but this is definitely my favorite!

Again, thank you so much for all the prayers for little June. She is so sweet, has a cute little cry, and is trying her darnedest to be the best she can be. I wouldn't trade her for all the perfect babies in the world. And pray for her cheeks - we certainly give them so many kisses, they are bound to fall off! ;)