Being June's Mom | Three Month Update

I can hardly believe it's been three months. Three months of diapers. Three months of bottle feeding. Three months of snuggling the best little girl I could have ever wanted. It's weird, I'm stuck between feeling like she's been here for only a moment or an eternity. Either way, the time I spend as her mom will never be long enough. I could hang out with her until the end of time and want more.

If you didn't know, we went to Disney World for a friend's wedding this past month. Little June was such a little trooper! To be honest, I could write a whole blog series on taking an infant to Disney World, but many people have already done that, so I'll refrain. I was nervous about the stroller, feeding her, changing her, napping, etc, but it all worked out. Actually, it was sort of easier than what I do on a daily basis because I had 3 other adults helping me at all times. Having my parents there was like taking two really eager nannies on vacation with us. Hahah!

June got to meet Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. She went on the People Mover in Tomorrowland, road the Haunted Mansion, and slept through the Hall of Presidents (who doesn't?! haha!). I know a 3 month old would never remember these things, but I will. Making memories with her will be just as important for us as her parents. I'm hoping to take her back in the next year with Cal's parents.

Juney Mouse meets Minnie Mouse!

Juney Mouse meets Minnie Mouse!

They have become more affectionate with her lately. Niles isn't shy when it comes to laying down next to her. She definitely pays attention when they come around. She stares and smiles at them. Makes me love those furballs even more!

Well....June has been a champion sleeper, until she got sick. In Florida, I got a cold, then the inevitable happened. I wish I could be mad at someone else for getting my baby sick, but since it came from me, there's only me to blame. Haha! She hasn't slept very well the past 5 nights, which means Cal and I have not either. One night, she woke up again at 4 am, I reswaddled her, sucked some things out of her nose, and said, "Cal, she's all yours!" and ran to the spare bedroom. Hahahaha - best 3 hours of sleep I've had in a week. Honestly, I didn't even realize what I was doing until after I laid down.

She can hold her head up all by herself now and loves doing it. She smiles the most when we sit her up. She still loves Cal more than anything and recognizes his voice when he enters a room. I'm trying to give her more time to herself so she can learn to play and soothe herself. ps- I am reeeeally bad at putting her down and would prefer to hold her constantly.

I have contemplated how much to share about June's condition. I don't want people to only see her for what she isn't. I have a fear, and I suspect other special needs moms can relate, that people will stop being so fond of her when things start to get difficult. Or when she might not look like a normal child, will they still oooo and aaahh over her? Fortunately, that's my struggle, it's not June's. And we have the best support from our parents and close loved ones, which I know will never go away. I don't need the world to look at June and see her as a perfect baby or child, but I will have a difficult time if people are not kind. Y'all, come bail me out of jail one day, if it comes to that, okay!? This will be the ultimate test of my patience and love for others. I'm glad to take on the hard stuff, as long as it makes it easier for June.

Happy Thanksgiving, from me and my little turkey! :)