Being June's Mom | Two Month Update

Baby June is TWO MONTHS old (as of the 23rd)! Two months isn't very long, but it's hard to remember our life without her. She has blessed our little family more than I could ever express. I will always treasure these moments of her being so tiny. It's easy to forget how small babies are when they are born. I picked up a newborn onesie at Carter's the other day and couldn't believe my baby was once that size.

I have had some major revelations this past month, especially some concerning parenthood. I used to think if I ever stayed home with my kid, I'd be able to keep a relatively normal schedule, a mostly clean house, and give myself some time for walking and exercise. HA. HA. HA. She makes it very hard to put her down because she's so cuddly. I have NO CLUE how single parents do it. Mad props to you if you are one!

The cats have acclimated quite well to her presence. Niles comes running whenever she cries. Frasier pays her little to no attention. They mainly will only hang out with her to get closer to me.

We have been getting some! It is glorious!

Speaking of sleep. June slept 7 hours one night last week! Go, girl!! Her normal pattern is 4 hours, eat, 3 hours, eat, then we are up for the day. I can't complain about that! June is holding her little head up and trying her hardest to sit up and roll around. Also, she upped her eating game and will take a bottle like a champ. She smiles at us ALL the time now. I'm so proud of her, even if she's just a baby doing baby stuff. Hey, we all started there!

Thank you for your prayers and outpouring of love. Please continue to pray for her development and that no additional complications arise. For now, she has good health and is staying busy growing, eating, and making us smile.