Let's Talk Bouquets

While wedding cake is my favorite detail (to both eat and discuss!), you can't ignore the beauty of a perfect bouquet. When she's walking down the aisle, holding her bright, colorful bundle, that's elegance right there. The way the dress, veil, and bouquet all go together...ah, just lovely.

I thought I'd take a moment to celebrate the diversity of the modern day bridal bouquet. Before we get there, how about taking a little walk down memory lane with one of my all time favorite bouquets. Princess Di's bouquet was cascading, to say the very least!

Princess Diana wedding bouquet

Dani showed me her bouquet the day before her wedding. She was concerned it was too large, but really, it just had a lot of pizazz! In this picture, it is the perfect color, perfect shape, perfect size!

Regan's bouquet and other wedding flowers were made by her best friend's mom. I remember being completely blown away when I saw them for the first time. All of them, especially Regan's, had such movement to them. While I can't tell you all of these flowers are called, I can tell you that eucalyptus because a favorite of mine on this day.

Photo:  Daytona May Photography  Bouquet: Debbie Klink

Photo: Daytona May Photography
Bouquet: Debbie Klink

Daytona May Photography | wedding bouquet

Katie's bouquet was the perfect ray of sunshine on the rainiest of days. Sunflowers remind me of her so much because she didn't stop smiling. Sunflowers are the happiest of flowers and I think they are a good choice anytime, anywhere.

Had to throw in the bouquet I made for our Beatrix Potter Styled Shoot. Since I had a hard time finding a florist, a last minute decision sent me to Norfolk Wholesale to shop. (I didn't hate it!) Being that I went shopping on a Saturday, they were wiped clean of all the flowers I thought I would buy. Fortunately, I was feeling extra creative the day I made it....I may be dabbling in a bit of floral-work in the future! ;)

Crystal Belcher Photography- Styled Shoot_-73.jpg
Photo:  Crystal Belcher Photography  Bouquet: Me

Photo: Crystal Belcher Photography
Bouquet: Me

This one holds a special place in my heart. Daytona made this for the very first shoot we did together. I was stressing over not having a florist, but being her experience, observant self, she had photographed many dozens of bouquets. She knew what looked good. I love how wild and free it was. Absolute perfection.

Daytona May Photography | wedding bouquet
Photo AND bouquet by  Daytona May Photography

Photo AND bouquet by Daytona May Photography

The best part about bouquets is that each one is different. Every girl has her own taste, and every floral designer has her own specific style.

Sometimes it's nice to stop and stare at the flowers. :)