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I would be lying to you if I said I was really excited about being a business owner right now. I would also be lying if I told you I knew what the future holds for my business. A time of reflection and change is coming for Sterling Dawn Events.

What does this mean?

Not much right now. Honestly, I have no clue what steps will take my business into the future. I love weddings. I love my brides. But one major factor has come along, and I love her even more than those things: June. 

I know A LOT of creative business owners with babies, children, teenagers, dogs, cats, large families, small families, etc. I don't know one that will say it's easy to balance both business and family. It's hard. Really hard. And I'm not even trying to imply I don't want to work hard. But I have come to a fork in the road. This particular fork has like 4 options and I don't know which one to take right now. 

June requires more attention than the typical baby. She is so perfect in the ways she is different, so this isn't a complaint. Owning a business is a little bit different from working a job for another person or company. It's just me. There's no one else to check incoming inquiries. I'm the one building timelines. The insurance, license, taxes, etc are all done by me. I'm the only mama to June and I'm the only mama to my business. To say I'm overwhelmed with both is an understatement.

The first thing I am changing about my business is I am no longer offering Full Planning. This isn't really a big deal because I have had very little business in this area. The bulk of my business is Wedding Coordination. I like being the person to tie up the loose ends. I love the rush of wedding day. And besides, I have been extremely picky when agreeing to do Full Planning. I have to like the bride (and everyone who comes along with her) a whole lot. Currently, I have one standing Full Planning contract and I love her to pieces, so I'm excited to be working with her. 

By eliminating Full Planning, I am making myself more available for my daughter and husband. If it isn't on my list of offerings, I won't feel pressured to take a client for this service. Many of my planner friends offer Full Planning and I will be more than happy to pass their names along. Some planners reeeeally love the actual planning. I happen to reeeeally enjoy the execution.

I am considering bringing on a permanent team member. Is this a wedding day assistant? Would it be an office assistant? Will I have more than one person doing these jobs? So many unknowns. What I do know is that I can't outsource my job as June's mom. And if I want to continue running my business (which I do), I have to outsource some of the things. Maybe a lot of the things.

Does any of this affect my current weddings?

No. Simple answer. I have a whole slew of weddings in the late Summer and early Fall. I even have some already booked for 2018. Those brides will get the same great service I promised when they hired me. I am thankful for them. They have made 2017 so full and rich and I can't wait to see them get married!

Are you hiring now?

Well, that's possible. I would be open to the right person coming along, as long as she was the right kind of person. Right now, my only regular staff member is my awesome friend, Kelsey. She is with me for pretty much every wedding. At this point, I don't know how I would survive without her! 

I know this is a semi-vague and random post. I'm not making any huge announcements, but I do feel it was necessary to start the conversation. Before June came along, I had plans of global domination in the wedding industry. Kidding, but I did have big goals and dreams. But when life throws you a curveball, you have to swing. Strike, ball, or a hit, you can't just stand there and let it fly by. 

Caitlin Gerres Photography

Caitlin Gerres Photography