Meet the Couple: Casey & Christos

It's officially wedding season!!!! I am sooooo excited to kick it off with this fun, spirited couple, Casey and Chris! The two will be married on April 1st at New Kent Winery! They hired me right before June was born, so I basically know them as well as I know my own daughter. Right, guys? Lol...maybe not quite, but I am a big fan of theirs. Enjoy learning more about them! 

This is super fun because they both gave me their own answers. Haha! 

How did you guys meet?

CASEY: We, actually, met online. We had both come out of long term relationships with people we knew it wouldn't work out with. Neither of us were expecting to find anything its online dating, what kind of people really use those kind of things? Chris messaged me, I messaged back-we hit it off and there wasn't a day after that we didn't talk. Heck, after our first date, I think there was like 2 days we didn't see each other. We just always wanted to be around each other, even if it was just taking a walk or going to the grocery store Sunday to get ready for the next work week.

CHRIS: I found her one day, actually at work on lunch. I sent her a message and was excited to see that she wrote me back. After that we started messaging and texting. I very quickly asked her on a date for the next day. I was very happy she agreed. AND it was the best first date. We literally talked for 5 on a bench...later where I proposed.

What is the best part about being engaged?

CASEY: For me, the best part of being engaged is knowing that you will have forever with that person. Chris and I both come from divorced parents but somehow both have been instilled with the value of marriage is forever. Marriage is a lifetime commitment that you make with another person. Being engaged and going through so many things together has challenged us. Being able to overcome those things as a couple reassures you that you are a team. Ups and downs, twists and turns happen, but then the thought is, would I want to go through those things with anyone else? No. When I'm upset and frustrated, Chris makes a stupid joke that makes me laugh and gets me out of my funk. Its so great to know that I will always have someone who compliments me and makes a perfect team.

CHRIS: I enjoy spending every available moment with Casey. Being there for her, being with her, helping her, making her laugh, and supporting her. It is exciting because we look forward to our future and planning a family and what could lie ahead. The steps we have made in our engagement, buying a house, renovating a house, living together, and planning a wedding have prepared us to be ready to move forward to marriage.

What is your favorite quality about one another?

CASEY: Why is it when we read this question, we both began to laugh? My favorite quality about Chris is... gosh this is tough. Not because I cant think of one, but because I cant choose just one. Can I pick 2? I would say Chris' sense of humor and caring nature. Sometimes Chris' sense of humor can makes me laugh and can pick me up from a bad mood or  a long day.It also makes for a very entertaining life. I also appreciate his caring nature. Chris is very protective and even gets upset about things that don't bother me, especially when he feels other people aren't treating me right or being considerate of me. Although sometimes I have to talk him down, I know he will always have my best interest at heart. 

CHRIS: I learned about my favorite quality of Casey's before we even went on our first date. We were talking about our upcoming first date at a really nice restaurant and she jokes she would wear sweatpants for an opposing NFL team. Laughing out loud, I joked back that she wouldn't be able to sit at the same table and she replied that she would just stand up on the table and yell across to me. At that point, I knew she had a great sense of humor and she was a real person. A down to earth person. There is never a dull moment with us.

What are you most excited about on your wedding day?

CASEY: The thing I'm looking forward to the most about our wedding day is sharing our day with our friends and family. I cant wait to actually be married. To be Chris' wife. Its just a different feeling. When you know you are meant to be with someone there's nothing else to think about. It's a feeling that's hard to explain unless you just feel it. Sure, Chris and I have our ups and downs, but truly when they say "when you find the person you're suppose to be with, you'll know"- its true. To be able to share that with our family and friends who support us, is just invaluable. 

CHRIS: I'm really excited about just seeing her in her wedding dress walking to me, taking in the whole experience of being married.

One word to describe your relationship.

This one was tough for us. I think we both went symbolic.

CASEY: Flower. Flowers grow and bloom under the optimal conditions. Once they bloom, you need to provide care and nurturing to your flower. Like a relationship, there are things you will have to work on and provide for each other at different stages and situations in your relationship/life. Each flower has its own beauty and will live forever if taken care of and cherished.

CHRIS: Diamond. Diamonds are beautiful and one of the hardest materials in the world. They are resilient and can polished and cared for to maintain their beauty. They last forever but they don't come without flaws. The thing with a diamond is, their beauty well outweighs their flaws. 

Three dreams/goals for your marriage.

1. Raise a family. Whatever that may be for us, but definitely to raise our children as our parents raised us and instill our values in our children.

2. Work continuously on our relationship and show affection to each other as we grow old, not losing the meaning of love in busy lives.

3. Always work as a team. Life throws curve balls and gives you lemons- continuously support each other! Home runs and lemonade :)

Uuuggghhh....SO CUTE! You guys, I LOVED this post and can't wait to see you two tie the knot on Saturday!! So glad to be of help to you on your wedding day! xoxo

Photo: Sharon Elizabeth Photography - Ashley Acey