Meet the Kittens | Personal

It's official, I'm in love. I cannot help it. While this blog and my business aren't going to revolve around kittens, you will be seeing them occasionally, so I thought it would be fun to introduce them.

kittens playing

My friends, meet Frasier and Niles. Yes...

Frasier Crane

Cal and I spent over a year watching the entire Frasier series on Netflix. It quickly became one of my favorite things to watch - ever!

sleeping kitten

Frasier is independent and bossy. Niles likes to cuddle and cries whenever he's not in the same room as me. Cue cat lady jokes. They have been so good about staying clean and not ripping up my carpet. It's definitely hard to keep them occupied. They are so curious and want to look in every door, drawer, box, and bag.

kittens in a box

Confession: I already cried at work because I missed them.