How He Asked | Our Engagement Story

So many people have asked about Cal's proposal. I actually meant to share this on Jan 2, the day he proposed, but it was a Saturday and not many people read blogs on Saturdays. (At least, I don't.) Before I tell you how he asked, I should give you a bit of backstory first.

Our first "date" wasn't really planned. The Cowboys had suffered an excruciating loss to the Giants and I needed some cheering up. Back in the day of iChat, before we were a couple, Cal and I spent quite a bit of time exchanging words from our respective couches. Since I was bummed, he insisted we meet up for Thai food. So, off to Downtown Norfolk I went. We ate, talked, and just as I was about to drive away, Cal says "I'm not done talking yet." (If you know Cal, you will know he's never done talking!) He hopped in my car and we talked for at least 2 hours.

That night, I didn't know what to think. Until that moment, Cal was just a guy at work. A silly dude that was interested in history, theology, and weird indie music. But that night got me thinking...and I thought I might like him.

Just twelve days later, we decided to start dating.

Flash forward to Christmas, about 11 months later. Cal and I had spent the first year of knowing each other falling in love, deciding we were going to spend our lives together, and becoming best friends. I would have bet the farm that he was going to propose on Christmas Eve...then Christmas...then New Year's Eve. When he didn't, I was devastated. Actually, I gave him an earful. On January 1, 2009, I told Cal that he had kept me waiting far too long. I said things that weren't nice and made a fool of myself. He listened, responded kindly, and let me have my pity party.

On January 2, Cal drove to my house and said he was bringing me lunch. We sat on the floor of the living room and had an indoor picnic, and watched Golden Girls, one of my favorite shows. He told me we were going to see a movie that afternoon, and that we would also grab dinner later, so he didn't want me to fill up on popcorn. To this day, I don't remember what movie we saw, though, I'm sure Cal does.

For dinner, Cal asked if I wanted Thai food. It was a regular thing of ours, so I didn't think anything of it. We drove around Downtown and decided on the very same spot where we had our first date. We sat at THE SAME TABLE. Naturally, I was suspicious, but we made it through dinner without any important questions, so I gave up hope.

We walked back to my car (I drove that night), and just as I was getting in the car, I noticed Cal wasn't getting in on the passenger side. He was standing behind me. His face gave him away instantly. He knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Picture it: parking garage, it's freezing cold, and a car is waiting for our spot. It was not something you see in movies, but it was ours. I kept saying "You're asking me here? Now?" I don't even remember saying yes. Haha! I didn't have any expectations, nor did I see it coming THERE, so I guess you can say he caught me by surprise.

Later, I found out Cal had carried my ring in his pocket all day, knowing exactly when he would ask me. You see, our journey really started the moment he decided he wasn't finished talking and jumped in my car. His plan was to park in the very same spot and ask me there, but our space was unavailable. Driving home that evening, we tried calling our parents, siblings, and grandparents, but no one answered. Not a soul. Instead, we enjoyed spending those last few minutes together, only the two of us sharing our secret.

I still love Thai food.

Photo: Peter Adams

Photo: Peter Adams