Saying YES

Something I learned a long time ago is that opportunities just don't pop up every day. There are seasons of plenty and their are seasons of drought. I've been in both, especially since starting my business back in the Fall. It's funny how much has happened since then!!! I credit the busyness of my life to saying "yes" to opportunity.

Last summer, I volunteered to help another local planner with a wedding. I just wanted to be an extra set of hands in return for the experience. I got to watch her, listen to how she interacted with the other wedding vendors, and I had a BLAST! Flash forward to January. She called me to see if I would take on a wedding for her. YES!

A local venue manager mentioned to my husband that he was a little swamped with weddings. I immediately went after that opportunity and now we are working on a partnership. YES!

Having a photographer from out of state contact me to style a shoot. YES!

Another planner (one that I greatly admire) explained that she could use my help because her calendar is so booked. YES!

Several ladies that want to start their own business have reached out to me to pick my brain. Aside from being absolutely flattered and HONORED, I couldn't believe I was at that point already. People asking me for help so they can get started. I'm in shock. But YES!

I'm not sharing this to brag about how successful I am. I don't know if I'll ever feel like I'm a success. But I will keep saying yes to things that come my way. Will I have it all figured out when I agree to style a shoot? Probably not. Will it be perfect? Definitely not. But I will never get the chance to grow and learn if I don't take risks.

You will never be able to move forward if you don't take risks. Are you a small business owner? A wedding industry creative? A full-time employee looking to pave your own path? THEN SAY YES to new things! Don't let a moment of hesitation keep you from experiencing THINGS THAT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

tina fey