What I learned: A weekend free from social media

I have never done one of these social media free weekends or weeks. Golly, I don't even know if I've intentionally gone a day without opening one of my frequently used apps on my phone. It's not for everyone or every weekend, but I'd like for social media strikes to become a thing.  

I learned that I'm really only picking up my phone to scroll. On Friday night, as Cal and I ate pizza and hung out with June, I caught myself picking up my phone at least once every 5 minutes. The very first thing I did EVERY TIME was visit the app folder labeled "Social Media" only to find it empty. When I decided to do this, I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone. I never go on Twitter or Snapchat, so they weren't a temptation. Every time. Guys, that's ridiculous. Not once did I pick up my phone to text or call someone.  

And that brings me to my next lesson learned. I'm not really using my phone to connect with people. I rarely send texts just to say hi to my friends. I hardly ever call anyone, besides my mom and Cal. When was the last time I made an effort to check on someone who I knew was having a rough go of things? 

Thirdly, I use my phone too often when interacting with others. Five years ago, I would have thought you the rudest person if you texted while I talked to you. Now, I do that and then some. Email, scroll social apps, answer texts. Someone could be talking to me (like, real human interaction!!!!),  and I'm just chugging along, looking at my phone. Maybe I do it because everyone else does it and we are numb to it now.

There are apps one can use to track phone pick ups, data usage, activity, and more. Amanda Hedgepeth just wrote about excessive phone use on her blog. (She had a wonderful challenge that I've linked at the bottom here.) I had not really considered monitoring my phone usage until I put social media away for a few days. My biggest enemy in all this is my addiction to social media. In order for me to spend time with my family, hear from the Lord, and rest, I need to break off my dependency from it. 

Maybe you have not considered your social media usage. It might be you haven't ever had a real problem with it. I sure do. And because of that, I'm going to pick one weekend per month to be social media free. I challenge you to do the same. If not an entire weekend, try it for at least one day. You might be surprised to see how many times it crosses your mind. 


Have thoughts about this? Leave a comment. I would love to hear what you do to limit your social media consumption.  

Link to Amanda's blog post: https://amandahedgepethblog.com/2017/08/03/three-day-phone-use-challenge-salt-air-entrepreneur/