Spring Inspiration

Oh, Spring. Warmer weather, flowers blooming, pollen, dusting off the flip flops, baby animals, pollen... oops, already said that one. While Spring isn't my favorite season (Fall), it does have its merits. Us humans start to come back to life from winter hibernation. It's nice.

In my opinion, the best parts about Spring are my birthday, Easter, sunlight, my birthday, Rita's Italian Ice, flowers, my birthday... oops, that one again. I thought I'd take the opportunity to share a list of things I'd like to have for my birthday. OH GOLLY! That's not what I meant! I totally meant to say "a list of things that remind me of Springtime." Duh.

The Southern Weddings Planner: I'm not getting married and I already have several internet and hard copy resources with wedding timelines, lists, tips, etc, but I just cannot resist this beauty! It would make quite the adorable addition to my ever-growing stock of business supplies.

A new Better Life Bag: If you haven't heard of Rebecca Smith and her company, let this be your official introduction. The mission of Better Life Bags is "To hire women, who otherwise cannot get jobs, to work for BLB." I got my first bag for Christmas a few years ago. I cried. I love this company for who they are and I adore their products. Win win. I even took it upon myself to design a mini crossbody. It's one I've been looking at for a while.

Better Life Bags  - Design Your Own

Better Life Bags - Design Your Own

J Crew  - suede ballet flat

J Crew - suede ballet flat

J Crew Ballet Flats: What better way to welcome warm weather than with new, springy shoes?! Last Fall, I threw away about 15 pairs of shoes, leaving me short on options. I tried on these flats last Spring and LOVED them. Instead of the suede, I bought the less expensive canvas version. They are SO COMFORTABLE!! I'd love to have another pair for strolling around this year. They are normally also available at the J Crew Factory stores.

Target cardigans and dresses: I don't think I really need to explain this one. Just add a few to my collection, please.

Croquet: This isn't a thing you can buy, but playing croquet with my family is a quintessential Springtime activity. I'm pretty competitive and it's usually me against my uncles. Don't think they go easy on me because I'm a girl.


Norfolk Botanical Gardens: Cal and I have been members at the Botanical Gardens for the past couple of years. We love to spend Spring mornings and afternoons exploring their many many acres of beauty. If you're in Hampton Roads, let's go!!

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Now that you have a visual of things that remind me of Spring, someone tell my husband what I want for my birthday. Hahah! (Not kidding.) I would LOVE to hear some of your favorite Spring finds and activities!