Model in a Styled Shoot, Get Engaged

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of this fun styled shoot at Field Guide in Norfolk. The central model, and a dear real life/industry friend of mine, Sharra, pointed out that all of my models are now engaged.

Ya know...she was right. The couples that have participated in my styled shoots are all getting married in the next year. CRAZY! Actually, one of the couples were just friends, so they aren't getting married, but we'll give them a pass on that! ;)

Ally and Alec were the very first models for my shoot with Daytona in November 2014. They'll be getting married this June! Annamarie Atkins did their goooorgeous engagements, check them out HERE. I love their story and I'm slightly jealous they are high school sweethearts. It makes me wish I would have met Cal many years sooner.

Cassie and Stephen, models in our Field Guide shoot, will become man and wife in May of this year! Catch their engagement photos by Michael and Carina HERE. Oh my gosh, they should be professional models! They will be one stunning bride and groom! I cannot wait!

Allie and Bryant were also part of the Field Guide shoot. Their engagement was one I got to participate in, with the help of Crystal Belcher. She captured Bryant's proposal, which you can catch HERE. I'm guessing Allie is having a hard time focusing on college AND getting her wedding ducks in a row, but it'll all be worth it!

Lastly, Sharra and Darin are getting married IN DISNEY WORLD. IN NOVEMBER. And they got engaged IN DISNEY WORLD. GAH! How magical! Sharra and Darin had their engagements taken in Yorktown by the lovely Christina Barnum, which I highly encourage you to check out HERE and swoon over.

So, what's the point in all this? Model for one of my shoots with your significant other and end up engaged! Haha! I'm positive these couples were on the path to begin with, but for now, I'll just say I had a little something to do with it. ;)