I've started to think about where I want to take my business. When you write things down, you are more likely to do them. When you write things down for an infinite number of people to read, you'd better do them! Perhaps my goals will change, or maybe I'll accomplish all of them. For now, here they are...

  1. Befriend ALL the vendors! I've been reading wedding blogs for several years, and I consider a great number of those people my friends. What's funny is, we've never even met. They don't even know who I am. But I love them. Who are they? Not telling. It's like a middle school girl having a crush on the cutest boy at school...let me at least make it out of 7th grade before making my confession!
  2. Weddings! Let me help you plan your wedding!
  3. Attend a conference. Currently, I'm dreaming about the Creative at Heart conference in January. Anyone interested in sponsoring me? ;) But seriously, industry conferences are a great way to network and learn. I want to grow as an individual AND as a business owner. Hint: Some of the people I mentioned in #1 are speaking at that conference. Just saying...
  4. Speak at a conference. Whoa...yep. One day.
  5. Be able to hire a helping hand. I'd love to grow so much that I need a sidekick. We'll be like Batman and Robin.
  6. Destination Wedding! C'mon, let me travel! I'll go anywhere that isn't freezing.
  7. Disney Wedding! While this might fall under the previous goal, Disney holds a lot of weight in my life; therefore, it gets its own category. My friend Melissa had her wedding at Walt Disney World and golly, I was blown away by her pictures. I've been there when girls in gowns walk by...yeah, not jealous at all. I know Disney has planners and coordinators of their own, but I would settle for the title of cleaner-upper.

So there they are. Not a conclusive list, but one that will definitely keep me busy in the now and future.