My Favorites | Salt Air Styled Shoot | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography | Jennette's Pier | Outer Banks, NC

A year ago, doing a styled shoot with Amanda Hedgepeth was on my list of personal/professional goals. I just LOVE her and adore her work. I knew if the time ever came to collaborate, it would have to be colorful and happy because that is Amanda!

Flash forward to late last summer, I offered to help Amanda with her workshop styled shoot and she said yes!

Working with her and our lovely team of vendors was an absolute joy! Everyone was so eager to get involved, which made if so easy for me! Here are a few of my favorite highlights from each vendor!

PaperDolls Design
April designed my new logo and did the invitation suite for my very first styled shoot. She knocked this one out of the park. In fact, I'm considering getting married again just to have this watercolor invitation suite!

Beauty by Sharra
Isn't Erika beautiful? Sharra has worked with me on every shoot and I'm impressed with her more and more each time she works her magic! Not only did she do hair and makeup, she helped me lug all the stuff in my car from the bottom of the pier to the shoot space. #hero!

All Washed Up Jewelry
When Amanda said she secured some pieces from AWU, I was SO excited. We had our pick of the bunch and got to dress Erika in the cutest necklace combo! I am particularly fond of THIS ONE right here. (Ahem, husband...hint hint.)

Pure English, House of Maya
This gown. What words can I type that will do it justice? Hayley Paige outdid herself here. I mean, it has color, sass, and elegance. I wish I could add this to my closet.

Cakes by Chelsi Davis
Chelsi is a cake baker and you should know her. Instead of just making something pretty for the pictures, she never skimps on taste and presentation. This cake was 3 flavors AND had filling between the layers. I love how perfectly her airbrush painting matched the rest of the shoot.

Adele Diamond
My friends over at Adele have always been more than happy to loan me a ring or two. This time, they sent 5 rings and the workshop attendees were able to take turns using them for detail shots. They also provided the gorgeous flutes and cake serving was hard to give those back. ;)

Jennette's Pier
Amanda found this beautiful venue, which is just a few miles from her Kitty Hawk home. At first, I thought "hmm, pier," but this Jennette's is so much more. There is an entire banquet space upstairs, perfect for a good sized wedding reception. Also, who doesn't love an ocean view?! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Distinctive Event Rentals
They provided the tables, glassware, and STUNNING x-back chairs. When I saw the chairs, I knew they would go with our beachy theme. Having worked with them several times now, there is no other large rentals company I would recommend.

Waterford Event Rentals
The ladies at Waterford are full of good ideas! When I went to chat with Rebecca about our linen choices, she immediately insisted I use this blue sequin beauty. YES, PLEASE. Paired with pink petal linens, I think we found the perfect beachy combo.

Handsome Biscuit
Who doesn't love a biscuit bar? I mean...c'mon!

One Sweet Day in May
Michelle is kind of a floral genius. When she asked what kind of flowers I wanted, I told her I didn't care as long as they were colorful. Dang, that girl delivered!

Sweet Pear Paper
Camberly was one of my roommates from the Creative at Heart Conference. I knew upon meeting her that she put her heart and soul in every paper flower she made. I look at them and literally cannot figure out how she does it! Adding paper flowers to real arrangements was an idea I wasn't sure would work, but I'm SO glad we tried it!

And lastly, this pink chair. A friend of mine found it on the side of the road. It had 3 legs and was badly damaged from being left out in the rain. With a little (okay, a lot) of pink paint, I turned it into this beauty. I think it's my favorite piece of decor in the whole shoot. Sadly, it went directly into the dumpster once we were done for the day. Haha!

Model: Erika Mills, babe extraordinaire!
Photos: Amanda Hedgepeth. I just love this little ray of sunshine!

Model in a Styled Shoot, Get Engaged

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of this fun styled shoot at Field Guide in Norfolk. The central model, and a dear real life/industry friend of mine, Sharra, pointed out that all of my models are now engaged.

Ya know...she was right. The couples that have participated in my styled shoots are all getting married in the next year. CRAZY! Actually, one of the couples were just friends, so they aren't getting married, but we'll give them a pass on that! ;)

Ally and Alec were the very first models for my shoot with Daytona in November 2014. They'll be getting married this June! Annamarie Atkins did their goooorgeous engagements, check them out HERE. I love their story and I'm slightly jealous they are high school sweethearts. It makes me wish I would have met Cal many years sooner.

Cassie and Stephen, models in our Field Guide shoot, will become man and wife in May of this year! Catch their engagement photos by Michael and Carina HERE. Oh my gosh, they should be professional models! They will be one stunning bride and groom! I cannot wait!

Allie and Bryant were also part of the Field Guide shoot. Their engagement was one I got to participate in, with the help of Crystal Belcher. She captured Bryant's proposal, which you can catch HERE. I'm guessing Allie is having a hard time focusing on college AND getting her wedding ducks in a row, but it'll all be worth it!

Lastly, Sharra and Darin are getting married IN DISNEY WORLD. IN NOVEMBER. And they got engaged IN DISNEY WORLD. GAH! How magical! Sharra and Darin had their engagements taken in Yorktown by the lovely Christina Barnum, which I highly encourage you to check out HERE and swoon over.

So, what's the point in all this? Model for one of my shoots with your significant other and end up engaged! Haha! I'm positive these couples were on the path to begin with, but for now, I'll just say I had a little something to do with it. ;)

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons | Print Publication

A few months ago, Daytona told me she had been contacted by a magazine. They wanted to use one of her photos from our Brunch Wedding Styled Shoot. HELLO, YES PLEASE!

Well, it just so happens that magazine is out! The article is all about unique wedding food. Our shoot featured Waffletina, a Norfolk liege waffle pop-up. (ps- I HIGHLY recommend you try Waffletina sometime. They are at Toast every Saturday from 10a-2p and 10p-2a.)

destination weddings and honeymoons
Aly and Alec! They are the cutest!!

Aly and Alec! They are the cutest!!

It's only real if it's in the credits, right? Thank you, Daytona, for making me seem cooler than I am!

It's only real if it's in the credits, right? Thank you, Daytona, for making me seem cooler than I am!

I'm certain they'll never see this, but thank you, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, for the lovely printed mention. :) :) :)

And thanks to my mom for thinking to call the publication office. I searched high and low for some copies, but fortunately, they mailed me a few copies.

Salt Air Workshop Styled Shoot Recap | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography | Jennette's Pier

I'm still beaming from ear to ear since our OBX shoot on Monday. Everything came together so beautifully and I cannot tell you how proud I am of our vendor team. As it is with all of my shoots, here's a little recap...but just a small one, cause I don't want to spoil the surprises! 

Sunday evening, as I drove into Kitty Hawk, I decided I would go back down for a visit, and soon. (Cal, we are going to do a little staycationing in OBX.) What a beautiful, calming place. No wonder Amanda and her husband, Mike, moved their little family down there. So peaceful! 

Monday was a magical day right from the start. My hotel had a waffle iron and there was coffee aplenty before I even got in my car. Arriving to Jennette's Pier and seeing our setting, I knew Amanda had found the perfect spot for our day together. 

Thanks to Christina, Erika, and Sharra, set up was a breeze. Unloading the car is always my least favorite part, so it was nice to have help. 

Watching Sharra grow as a wedding professional has been one of the best experiences. I am so proud of you, girl!! 

Watching Sharra grow as a wedding professional has been one of the best experiences. I am so proud of you, girl!! 

Our stunning model, Erika of Erika Mills Photography, wore a MARVELOUS Haley Paige gown from Pure English. It had just come in and Erika was only the second person to try it on. I am obsessed. Can I go try it on? 


There were 15 photographers shooting our setup, which was a super strange experience for me. That many cameras focusing in on something I helped was scary and humbling. I know there will be so many great photos floating around out there, and that is so exciting!

Watching Amanda shoot was like watching a ballet...but a ballet starring a cute little pregnant person. ;) 

Watching Amanda shoot was like watching a ballet...but a ballet starring a cute little pregnant person. ;) 


And now for some professional sneak peeks from Amanda Hedgepeth Photography. :)

Cake by  Chelsi Davis .    Cake stand is Pioneer Woman.  

Cake by Chelsi Davis.  

Cake stand is Pioneer Woman.  

This chair has a funny story that I'll tell you one day.  

This chair has a funny story that I'll tell you one day.  

Delicious paper suite by  PaperDolls Design .  

Delicious paper suite by PaperDolls Design.  

Bouquet by  One Sweet Day in May .    Paper flowers by  Sweet Pear Paper .  

Bouquet by One Sweet Day in May.  

Paper flowers by Sweet Pear Paper.  

I had a blast and can't wait to start working on my next styled shoot. Who knows, maybe there will be one before the end of the year with a super special couple. ;)


Salt Air Styled Shoot | Vendor Lineup

Every time I start to work on a new styled shoot, the most exciting part is finding vendors to come play along with me. I've been looking forward to this for a couple of months, and now that it's almost here, I wanted to take a few minutes to brag about our team for Amanda Hedgepeth's Salt Air Workshop styled shoot. I've included everyone's Facebook links so you can go show them some love! Please check them out and like their pages so you can be sure to catch any sneak peeks.

Sweet Pear Paper - Camberly's beautiful, hand-painted paper flowers will be making an appearance for the first time in one of my shoots. She has been featured in multiple bridal publications and continues to impress with each new project. I totally love this girl and everything she does!

PaperDolls Design - April is a design genius! She did a beautiful outdoor-inspired suite for my first styled shoot a year ago and this time, she's taking inspiration from the beach and our hand painted theme. She sent me a little peek of what she was working on and oh man, you're gonna love it!

Distinctive Event Rentals - This dynamite rental company of Hampton Roads will be joining our team by providing the foundation for all things pretty.

All Washed Up Jewelry - The ladies of All Washed Up make some FABULOUS pieces. Since our shoot is happening by the ocean, they are a perfect addition!

Waterford Event Rentals - The ladies of Waterford have never disappointed me. They are willing to participate, they cheer me on, and they showed interest in getting to know me when I was just starting out. Additionally, if I had to be a tablecloth, I would want to be the one we are using for the sweetheart table. IT IS STUNNING.

Beauty by Sharra - I don't really have much to say about this gal. I mean, I already spend a lot of time on Instagram bragging about how amazing she is. She's becoming an important artist in our wedding community and her talents blow me away every time I see a finished face or head of hair. Besides all that, I've got nothing ;)

Maya Couture - If anything could be labeled a 'dynasty' in this part of the state, it would be House of Maya. I'm positively certain our model will look like a million bucks in her gown....on the beach. [Insert heart eyes]

One Sweet Day in May - Oh, Michelle! Talk about talent! I am not completely flower-challenged, but I can't come anywhere close to this lady! Michelle's business has EXPLODED over the past year and I'm honored she is driving all the way from Richmond to spend some time at the beach with lil' ol' me! :)

Chelsi Cooks - What can I say about Chelsi? This girl has knocked my socks off with her gorgeous and tasty desserts. Even though she's just getting started, Chelsi's cakes have been featured on a number of wedding publications. This girl has a bright (and delicious) future!

Adele Diamond - I absolutely love this jewelry company. Their rings are gorgeous and owner Chris is the nicest guy.

Jennette's Pier - We are going to have AMAZING views from the pier and below. This may be taking place on the ocean, but it won't be your typical beachy theme.

Handsome Biscuit - When I thought about doing a shoot on the ocean, I wanted it to involve sunrise...then I arrived at breakfast. As one of the top restaurants in Hampton Roads, including them was a no-brainer. Look out for biscuit!

Amanda Hedgepeth Photography - This lady has been an inspiration to me for several years now. She photographed my first solo wedding and was there when I had a TON of questions about getting started in the industry. Looking back, I am so thankful she took time out of her schedule to answer my long list of questions. Flash forward to 3 weeks from now, we will be working together again to make all the beautiful things for her workshop attendees.

Amanda Hedgepeth

Amanda Hedgepeth